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Michel Newcomb
United States
Born and raised in Texas since 1979. Cartoon enthusiast since childhood. Drawing fan since then too, though never learned any techniques, too interesting in drawing than learning how to. Wrestling fan since 1990. Heavy metal hard rock fan since 1991. Tried twice to learn guitar but gave up each time (I'm just too lazy and impatient to learn things like that -same problem I had with drawing). Bullied but survived middle school. Wrestled in High School. Signed up for the US Navy in senior year. Graduated in 1998. Went into the the Navy in 1999. Became a Christian while in the navy. Left navy in 2003. Went to community college in same year, graduated in 2005. Went to University Of North Texas, did one semester then dropped out. Best friend and brother by choice passed away in 2005. Became a fan of furry art in 2006, eventually being comfortable with the furry tag despite the negative stereotype from the yiff crowd. Went to automotive school in 2009. Failed in automotive career. Became a fan of MLP art in 2010 but refused to watch the show or accept the Brony tag. Went through various warehouse jobs until going into trucking school. Drove a truck for a while, but like the auto career, I screwed it up. Went into a depression and finally watched MLP. Fell in love with the show which helped me through those dark times. Now despite the negative stereotypes from the cloppers, I accept the Brony tag. Started my career at Amazon, hope things improve from there.

Used to have dreams of being a pro wrestler but genetics worked against me. Used to have dreams of singing in a metal band, but I barely have any social friends so have realized my dreams have to be set aside for reality. I still fantasize about how all those things could have happened, but not so much that I lose sight of reality. Once I can summon up the courage, I’ll start going to and singing at kareokee (sic) bars-don't like going to places like that by myself. Really don't know where I'm going and find it best to just concentrate on today. Praise God! Metal forever! Art forever!

I know my watchers are few in numbers, but what the hay: I was watching Family Appriciation Day and remembered how adorable Bunny Bloom was and I collected some screenshots so I could draw one of them. Which should I draw? BTW, I will not be drawing Tiara 

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Nightmare Nights Dallas '17

Wed Nov 1, 2017, 12:50 AM
I live in Weatherford, TX which is to the west of Ft. Worth which is west of Dallas. This area combined as the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. There is only one MLP con in the area and it's Nightmare Nights. I found out about this three years ago when an artist I watch, was talking about being there. Since she created my second favorite OC and the prettiest pony in the MLP universe, Jade, I wanted to attend and meet her and other artists and of course to witness the con experience. That weekend, my employer Amazon had my shift on mandatory overtime and I couldn't go. The next year I had a crummy job at DFW Airport and didn't have the money to do it. This year, I had the money but not the time to take off of work. I had planned on going next year. Sadly, I found out that this would be the last Nightmare Nights so I knew I had to at least go on Sunday. Of course there was the problem with getting my reviews done for the show. However, as luck would have it, the episodes were leaked and with a lot of work I was able to finish them Saturday.

I had my ticket and it was time to go. However, nervousness kicked in due to me not being good in crowds when I'm not with someone I know and meeting new people. Typing online back and forth is much easier than in meeting in person. I wondered if I should just forget the whole thing. Add to it that I only had about 5 hours of sleep due finishing my review the night before. However, I summoned up my courage and decided I at least have to meet the artists I know. I knew and coltsteelstallion.deviantart.c… would be there so I sought them out. Unfortunately Coltsteelstallion was not a vendor so there was no real way to meet him since I don't know what he looks like and there were a lot of people there. Apart from that, I just hoped to find the ones I knew (and was following, that will come up later).

To relieve a bit of my nervousness, I wore my Operation Enduring Freedom hat. Because most people have respect for veterans. I also wore my motorcycle jacket because I always feel comfortable in that thing and it was still pretty cold that morning. I also wore my anime style Derpy shirt because it was my first MLP shirt, it's the only one I have licensed by Hasbro, and Derpy is my favorite canon pony. I also wore about 8 or so MLP dog tags.

Onto the convention!

I got there and after handing in my ticket I got my badge which I adorned with my username, Dallas Black. and got the program and bought a print of the convention:

20171101 000758 by DallasBlack

I wanted a t-shirt but all they had were small (I'm too fat for that) and 4XL (I'm nowhere near that fat). That sucked but what are you going to do?

I then went to the vendor hall and using the program found . Turns out (I found this out before the convention) he recently moved to Dallas so I was able to officially welcome him to the Lone Star State. I had been a fan of his for quite a while with his unique adorable (sometimes creepy-in a good way) style and even mentioned him in one of my favorite pony artists journals. He had always been a very cordial artist on DA, always replying to comments (very rare for a lot of artists I watch) and in person he was no different. He had some prints of some of my favorite pieces of his. Limited in money I had to narrow it down to these:

20171101 000052 by DallasBlack
A funny and cute take on a famous motivational poster.

20171101 000105 by DallasBlack
Derpy and Doctor Hooves, one of the few ships I approve of.

20171101 000128 by DallasBlack
20171101 000116 by DallasBlack
Parody posters of two games from my childhood. The first one Double Dragon I was actually pretty good at, the other, Castlemania I sucked at but the soundtrack was awesome and I was able to watch some people play it who were good at it. Both of course also based on MLP episodes

20171101 000144 by DallasBlack
Another parody, this time of one of the most famous pieces of The Far Side's Gary Larson.

Next to him was the artist I originally wanted to meet several years ago . She was very nice and I was able to let her know how much I love her OC Jade and her beautiful art (also mentioned in my favorite artist journals). I was also able to find out that the MIA comic, My Little Sterelis (one of the best fan comics out there and the one that introduced the lovely Jade) is not cancelled, just merely on hiatus). A while back, since I missed two years to go to NN, I bought a print she did of my lovely Queen which is framed and in my room (as I plan on with all the prints I bought that day). She didn't have any art of Jade but there was plenty of lovely work to chose from. I settled for these:

20171101 000004 by DallasBlack
She has all the Mane 6 done like this just as lovely, but I had to go with my favorite of the 6, the ever adorable and in this piece, gorgeous Fluttershy!

20171101 000031 by DallasBlack
She did have and OC of another artist and my favorite pony canon or not, the infamous Fluffle Puff with my lovely queen.

Those were two I knew would be there. However, I noticed something when I was meeting them. I saw some are I was VERY familiar with. The mind numbing adorable art was unmistakably the work of ! His unique and adorable style has been a favorite of mine in my early delving into the fandom (again mentioned in one of my favorite pony artist journals). He like Berry had been very cordial with me on DA and almost always replied to my comments and it was nice to finally meet him in person. My absolute favorite of his was a lovely but sad piece with AJ looking in the mirror seeming to wonder if she was pretty or not. However, that one wasn't there but I found a few I really like.

20171101 000324 by DallasBlack
This has always been one of my favorites, it's so cute and funny! He always does a great job with the CMC but to me this is the cream of the crop!

20171101 000303 by DallasBlack
Daffy's reaction to seeing Fluttershy is priceless! I can only wonder what Bugs will thing when he turns around. Also, Flutters is so fluttorable here!

He also let me get a free button and I went with Derpy (forgot to take a picture of it and it's in my car-if I go out to get it, one of my cats we keep put up at night would be let out.

Unfortunately, I forgot to have him sign these but I don't need to see his name to know it's his work.

Next to him (no surprise to me),another artist I mentioned in one of my favorite pony artist lists, was… . Not surprising because both Late Customer and her are engaged (or married I'm not sure when the big day is/was). Two amazing artists in our amazing fandom managed to find each other, amazing! :D I had already congratulated him on DA but she doesn't hang around here anymore so this was the first time I was able to congratulate her in person. She does a lot of RariJack shipping and I've told her online I'm not a fan of that shipping but with her lovely art I always make an exception. The cool thing was, she even remembered me commenting on her art even though it was some time ago. Everyone I met was real nice, but she was incredibly so. A very charismatic lady indeed! I wish them all the luck in the world on their nuptials! I got a few nice prints of her art. She too let me choose a button and since the other two CMC were in a print (see below), I picked Scootaloo (Scutes as I like to call her). It wasn't displayed but she had it and was able to put it on the display afterwards.

20171101 000359 by DallasBlack
AJ's hoof up against the screen and her expression is so adorable!

20171101 000422 by DallasBlack
The two best pairs of sisters in Equestria!

There were a lot of great artists but I didn't know most of them except the renowned Assassin Monkey. However, I haven't gotten around to going through his (and many many other artists) gallery so I can put in a watch (I will try very hard to get to this task as my Art 2 Watch folder is getting almost unmanageable). Of course the other artists there that had great art are going to have to be added as well. If I had a large amount of money I would have bought stuff from all of them and met every single one of them. However with a limited amount of money I had to focus on those artists I have been watching for many years.

I also had to save my money for one more vending table. The one belonging to official IDW comic artist Tony Fleecs! I love the comics perhaps even more than the show and he is responsible for a large number of them (he might even tie Andy Price in the amount of MLP comics). I had to wait a little bit because he was held up in a Meet The Artists event but in the meantime I took a break and pondered what else I'd do.

I hated to just got there, meet the vendor artists and leave. I thought I owed it to to meet her at the autograph signings and let her know how much the show created and the fandom that grew from it has meant to me and meet others who are responsible for the show's continuance. However, I realized I missed some of the best events from the previous days and again, my nervousness hadn't completely abated and I would probably be too nervous for the autograph signings. I was also super tired so I decided I wasn't going to hang around. However, first I had to meet Tony Fleecs. hadn't come back yet so I went through some prints to see which ones I'd buy. Once I decided and he came back I had him sign them and let him know how much I love the comics. He was a cool guy and pretty funny too. Apart from a sketch book, I got these:

20171031 235934 by DallasBlack
This one shows the Mane 7 (Spike included) with their most famous alternate counterparts (some from the show like Flutterbat, Pinkamenia, large Spike, and time travel Twilight and others from the comics like Outlaw Apple Jack and Nightmare Rarity). Coming out of one of the mirrors that leads to alternate universes. Based off of a story arc in the comics called Reflections (though the only counterparts shown here are in that comic are Outlaw Apple Jack and Pinkamenia).

20171031 235858 by DallasBlack
This one shows a teaming up of the shows most famous antagonists (reformed and non). Very cool! However the only reason I got this one because with the other one this size you got a reduced price. That other one being:

20171031 235918 by DallasBlack
This of course portraying the movie cast. This is the kind of poster (though in this case a print) of the movie I want! I have an offical poster of the movie with the Mane 6 as seaponies, but there is no Tempest, Captain Celaeno, or Grubber, Capper, or Storm King so I had to get this one. Good thing because they were running out of these.

So, while I didn't get to enjoy the full con experience, I got to meet some incredible artists and got out of my comfort zone for a bit (also left the house, something I rarely do on Sundays). I'm sad that I wasn't able to be there for the whole thing and won't ever have the chance to go to a con again. I'd have to win the lottery to be able to attend the other cons around the country. I could try and save some money but by the time I had enough, the fandom cons might be gone (if others decide to follow suit with Nightmare Nights). I'm also sad that I never had the dedication or passion for improving drawing ability in my youth and be one of those very vendors contributing great works to the fandom. I thought maybe my SoC reviews would have been better received or my fanfic could have reached more people or at least kept them reading but it wasn't meant to be. However, despite not being able to contribute great works, I'm happy to know many artists I watch have showed appreciation for my compliments of their art. Knowing that my moral support is appreciated by plenty of them means I contribute at least a small bit to the fandom. I'm also happy to finally meet online people in person and that other people did have the dedication and passion to become great artists.

Sad to see Nightmare Nights go away but happy to at least be there for a some of it!

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  • Reading: My SoCs
  • Watching: 'Allo 'Allo!
  • Playing: Panda Pop
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Sugar Free Sweet Tea

SoC: Shadow Play Pt. 2

Sat Oct 28, 2017, 10:32 PM

Pt. 1
SoC: Shadow Play Pt. 1

Due to Twilight's OCD and her total dissmiss of Starlight's concerns, Starswirl and the Legends Of Equestria have been rescued from limbo. Unfortunately they are not alone as The Pony Of Shadows has been freed from his prison and is ready to reek havoc on the world. Twilight, you done bucked up! Let's see how she fixes this mess she put everypony in.


*He may be evil, but at least the guy has a sense of humor.

Evil by DallasBlack

*Actually, it worked for over a thousand years.

Actually by DallasBlack

*His magic went limp. Get this guy a Viagra™!


*Sorry, I don't think she can get the toothpaste back into the tube.


*In other words, "We're boned!"

Boned by DallasBlack

*Well, you should have thought about that in case something went south.

Thought by DallasBlack

*You're going to help them imprison you again? What a nice guy! Yeah, I know, he's going to destroy the book.

Help by DallasBlack

*Nailed it! Technically so did he.


*Don't just stand there, get out of the way!

Stand by DallasBlack

*Nevermind, he did it for you.


*That was close, good thing the old broad moved her out of the way or it would have... still missed. So she really didn't help much.

Close by DallasBlack

*Don't let something like that... get between you two!

Between by DallasBlack

*Get yourselves out of this now smeg head!

Smeg by DallasBlack

*We all know who's fault this is! Spike of course, that slave ruins everything.


*Nope, that was it.

Nope by DallasBlack

*Well, you sure did a fine job.


*You'll cry now, but eventually there will be No More Tears.

Tears by DallasBlack


Yes! by DallasBlack

*You're her hero, she'll take a Bullet For You. So to speak.

Bullet by DallasBlack

*Time to see how strong Twilight's magic really is.

Magic by DallasBlack

*Jolly good show old bean!

Show by DallasBlack

*Perhaps even stronger. Definitely not wiser though.


*Stop the might of shadows? I don't know... she might!

Might by DallasBlack

*Round two!

Round 2

*So far neck and neck!

Neck by DallasBlack

*Up, looks like it's too much.

Much by DallasBlack

*Hey, that's cheating!

Cheating by DallasBlack

*Looks like somepony needs their girlfriend to help her fight her fights.

Girlfriend by DallasBlack

*Looks like you're no match for the power of two!

Two by DallasBlack

*Take that biatch!


*Of course they know this fiend, The Pony Of Shadows!

Fiend by DallasBlack

*And not the kind you find at parties!

Not by DallasBlack

*You seem quite sure of that.


*Oh I see! So it's all about you huh?!

You by DallasBlack

*He's gone!


*Perhaps the little shadow's room. Even dark creatures have to go to the potty now and then.

Little by DallasBlack

*Always riddles with you isn't it? Also, nice to hear a feminine voice attached to her finally.

Riddles by DallasBlack

*Only about a thousand years. Hope you don't have any library books you forgot to turn in.


*You could have broken the news a little more gently than that! Some Element of Kindess you are!

Gently by DallasBlack

*Uh oh, which one has the overdue library book?

Library by DallasBlack

*Yeah, until she screwed it up!


*I liked the way I put it better.

LIke by DallasBlack

*Twilight trying to make a graceful exit.

Graceful by DallasBlack

*Don't forget Trixie and the amulet, your excursion with the Mirror Pool, Twilight's wreaking havoc over the Want-It-Need-It spell, the Parasprite invasion, etc.

Trixie by DallasBlack

*Starlight's expression there is priceless!

Priceless by DallasBlack

*I'm sure that's a great comfort to him.


*Tis that a new ship I see on the horizon?! The age difference is only a problem if you let it be one.

Ship by DallasBlack

*But they did dood it!


*That's Starswirl The Beardo!

Beardo by DallasBlack

*That's right, they Can Do It!


*"Do that to my head again... you die!"

Die by DallasBlack

*And do they have the mother of all maps!


*Well, it does come from the Tree Of Harmony after all.

Harmony by DallasBlack


See! by DallasBlack

*But can he eat just one potato chip? That would truly be a feat!


*I'm pretty sure that's what he just said.

Pretty by DallasBlack

*Love that accent!

Love by DallasBlack

*Certainly the most powerful thing in this universe!


*Uh... yes! Try to keep up AJ, you're embarrassing me as a fan of yours.


*What? You didn't understand the question?

Understand by DallasBlack

*She puts the fun into funny!

Fun by DallasBlack

*Honestly, I don't think AJ likes her ass being hugged.

Ass by DallasBlack

*Fabulous generocity!

Fabulous by DallasBlack

*And ego, that's why Pinkie had to bring her... down to earth!

Ego by DallasBlack

*Not to mention, deadly adorableness!

Deathly by DallasBlack

*Ok, how the hell did an earth pony do that?! Oh, I forgot, this is Pinkie.

That by DallasBlack

*Not just any magic, but adorkable magic!

Adorkable by DallasBlack

*Oh, going to make it all about yourselves now! What egomaniacs!


*You are one hot mare of hope!

Hot by DallasBlack

*The brute kind!

Brute by DallasBlack

*Not anymore!

Anymore by DallasBlack

*Oh yeah, definitely a ship there!

Yeah by DallasBlack

*And beard!


*Twilight acting like a love sick puppy. Doesn't she know he is not happy with her?

Puppy by DallasBlack

*Well now she does. Got to feel for her you know!

Does by DallasBlack

*I think he might argue with you on that.

He by DallasBlack

*Eh, last time the magic was harnessed from that tree didn't work out too well. Thanks to Discord.


*Well, what do you think?


*Well, all things must pass. However, after last time I understand your hesitation.


*Yes, but you six will still remain and that's the important thing!

Remain by DallasBlack

*Certainly didn't last time (boy, I've mentioned that a few times now haven't I?).


*On the other hoof, the alternative...

Hoof by DallasBlack

*Boy, what a grouch!

Grouch by DallasBlack

*Lesson to learn kids, never meet your Heroes!

Heroes by DallasBlack


*That would be the last of the friendship problem detector. On the other hoof, we will never have to see those dumbass Rainbow Powers again. Do it!!!!!


*So he's a power.... ful foe?!

Power by DallasBlack

*Some would call it moxy.

Moxy by DallasBlack

*The response is mixed

Mixed by DallasBlack

*Poor Twilight, her whole world is crashing around her.

Poor by DallasBlack

*Don't just stand there looking glum, go talk to her!

Glum by DallasBlack

*Twilight doing the only thing she knows to do when she feels lost. Hit the books!


*Is that a...

Is by DallasBlack

*Yup, a seapony. First the airship and now this. I am oh so curious to know what the timeline of the movie vs. the show is.


*Glad to see Starlight taking my advice.


*So... is that a no?

No by DallasBlack

*Because of that?

Because by DallasBlack


Faceplant by DallasBlack

*That was wet one!

Wet by DallasBlack

*It was predictable. And you DID try to warn her.


*Should have, would have, could have, didn't.

Should by DallasBlack

*Still... you've gotta laugh.

Laugh by DallasBlack

*There's always Another Way!


 *Only when spoken to slave!


*You have more faith in her than she does right now.

Faith by DallasBlack

*For some reason I have a feeling she needs that book.

Book by DallasBlack

*Sure Twilight, forget the fact your baby dragon has more than he can handle. Just take the one in the middle and throw off his balance.


*Yes... yes what?

Yes by DallasBlack

*Let me guess, you?!

Let by DallasBlack

*Of course! It's a pronoun used to identify a specific person or thing close at hand or being indicated or experienced. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Pronoun by DallasBlack

*No! Get back to work slave!


*Starlight has doubts.

Doubts by DallasBlack

*You don't seem too convinced.


*What, you think you can talk the pony of shadows out of taking over? Not everypony can be saved.

Talk by DallasBlack

*Don't assume, you know what that does to 'u' and 'me'.


*All you're thinking about is making your hero like you. That kind of motivation can cloud ones judgment.

All by DallasBlack

*I'm thinking Starlight shares my concern.


*Oh, I'm sure that is quite the culture shock for those ponies out of time.

Shock by DallasBlack

*A lot can happen in over 1000 years.

Happen by DallasBlack

*Either way it's still ghastly.

Ghastly by DallasBlack

*As delicate as you are, I'm sure a lot of places sound dark to you. Also, adorable bonnet you've got there!

Delicate by DallasBlack

*Who'd of thought you would like square dancing? Also, that cowgirl hat is quite a fashion faux pa. Reminds me of the ridiculous get up Sylvester Stallone wore in Rhinestone.

Square by DallasBlack

*The Dark Eternal Night!

Night by DallasBlack

*Pinkie, always one for dramatics!

Dramatics by DallasBlack

*Way to blind them Pinkie!

Blind by DallasBlack

*It's bright? Good thing you told them, I don't know how they would notice otherwise.

Told by DallasBlack

*Going to go out on a limb and say they are not amused.

Amused by DallasBlack

*Meanwhile, back at the castle...


*That's a good thing. However, there are dark characters he can draw power from, particularly in Tartarus. Also there is the Everfree Forest which from what I remember is a pretty dark place itself.


*I'm pretty sure I said that.

I by DallasBlack


Cheers! by DallasBlack

*More shipping!!!!!

Shipping by DallasBlack Shipping2 by DallasBlack

*If you love it enough you'll be willing to leave it.

Love Leave

*Heeeeeeeeere's Twili!!!!

Twili by DallasBlack

*It's not finished yet so it's no good to them. Also, Starlight still has her doubts.


*Still trying to impress Beardo the Grouch.

Impress by DallasBlack

*Asshole's not even going to look at it.

Asshole's by DallasBlack

*Oh, like the one you came up with that changed the cutie marks of the Mane 6 and required Twilight to complete it and fix everything? There is a reason why she is an alicorn.


*You're going to make her cry asshole!

Cry by DallasBlack

*That a girl AJ, stand up for you princess!


*That's right! When she screws up, she screws up completely, all the way! Wait, that didn't help her. Forget I said it.

Way by DallasBlack

*I guess that gesture means magic.

Guess by DallasBlack

*By drinking Red Bull™?

Red Bull by DallasBlack

*Oh, yeah. Of course it was from that. Not even sure if Red Bull™ is available in Equestria.

Course by DallasBlack

*Now we just need a word from Fluttershy.


*Not exactly a word, but it will do.

Word by DallasBlack

*Twilight is an unconventional pony.


*Let see if he can find something wrong with it.

Wrong by DallasBlack

*Unfortunately Twilight, that is the closest you're going to get to an endorsement from him.

Endorcement by DallasBlack

*You've got quite a few options actually.


*Maybe the egghead can figure it out.

Egghead by DallasBlack

*Is her butt glowing?

Butt by DallasBlack

*All of their butts are glowing!

Butts by DallasBlack

*No slave! You... sorry force of habit. You are correct young one.

No Slave by DallasBlack

*Don't just stand there looking like guppies at feeding time, go!

There by DallasBlack

*The Hollow Shades? What a name for a dark place!

Shades by DallasBlack

*Are they dark apples?


*So they are quite... distant from their homeland.

Distant by DallasBlack

*So it's probably leading you to your villain. Or perhaps villains if a screenshot I saw leaked is any indication.


*Why should she take offense? She knows how wrong she was.

Why by DallasBlack

*Not since the Rock has so much been said with just the raise of an eyebrow.

Eyebrow by DallasBlack

The-rock-eyebrow by DallasBlack

*Highly probable I'd say.

Probable by DallasBlack

*He actually gave her a compliment! She's going to mark out over that for sure.

Compliment by DallasBlack

*What'd I tell you?! Do I know Twilight or do I know Twilight?

Tell by DallasBlack

*I don't think anything can wipe that smile off her face.

Smile by DallasBlack

*Well, you could always kill him, but that can get kind of messy.


*Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Ponies that use brute force against others only respond to brute force returned on them.

Cheap by DallasBlack

*Twilight's like, "Shut up Starlight, you're embarrassing me!"

Embarrassing by DallasBlack

*I think he should maybe explain to her that you can't compromise with somepony(one) who wants to eliminate you. It's like the idiots that think we can work it out with North Korea (who wants to destroy South Korea) or Muslim extremists (who want to destroy all of western civilization).

Explain by DallasBlack

*This is going to become ugly isn't it?

This by DallasBlack

*Hope so, otherwise you will look silly defending them.


*I wouldn't go that far. While there are some who you can't save, others can be.

Far by DallasBlack

*Maybe Twilight is starting to have doubts in her hero worship of him.


*Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You'll need more evidence for the contrary.


*Nice air quotes Spike!

Quotes by DallasBlack

*Something tells me she's going to go rouge and try to compromise with Shadows.

Compromise by DallasBlack

*Preparations have begun!

Prep1 by DallasBlack Prep2 by DallasBlack

*Gather round kids, it's storytime! Also, I guess I was wrong about what she has planned.


*Sad as in sorrowful, or sad as in pathetic?

Sad by DallasBlack

*Is that a dragon horse?

Dragon by DallasBlack

*Wait a minute!

Wait by DallasBlack

*I'll be damned, it's the Dazzlings (Sirens)! Adagio, Aria, and my girl Sonata!!!!!

Sirens by DallasBlack

*I love it when I'm right!

Right by DallasBlack

*Green eyes can never be trusted!

Green by DallasBlack

*Ha ha ha!!!! It's like a chihuahua going against a pit bull!

Pit by DallasBlack

*"Little filly smash!!!!"

Filly by DallasBlack

*Check it out motherbuckers!!!! Derp O'clock!!!!!

Derp by DallasBlack

*A Call To Arms!!!!

Call by DallasBlack

*Aria is pissed!

Aria by DallasBlack

*She's.... hot! Actually depending on the artist that draws them, all three are hot.

Three by DallasBlack

*Now all three are pissed!

Pissed by DallasBlack

*And there's a portal to the human world!

Portal by DallasBlack

*And the rest is Equestria Girls history!


*He brought you there and you're just going to ignore him?

Ignore by DallasBlack

*Or perhaps felt unappreciated by you. Looks like Starlight might be right, maybe this guy can be saved.

Felt by DallasBlack

*So Starswirl is a liar. They never even tried talking to him.

So by DallasBlack

*Well I guess you were wrong!

Well by DallasBlack

*That's not right, a pony's eyes aren't supposed to do that!

Not Right by DallasBlack Not Right2 by DallasBlack

*Doesn't explain how he got that power.

Doesn't by DallasBlack

*I'm pretty sure they never asked. They obviously never gave him a chance to explain himself.


*So you made an ass out of u and me.

Ass U Me by DallasBlack

*No!!! Really?!

Really by DallasBlack

*Now he's being an ass to Starlight. This guy could really use some pony (people) skills.

Now by DallasBlack

*Oh nah he didn't!

Oh by DallasBlack
Oh-nah-he-didnt by DallasBlack

*She gets it, she just don't get it!

Get by DallasBlack

*Oh, like Anakin becoming Darth!


*Because Starswirl's an asshole!

Starswirl by DallasBlack

*No deposit, No Return!


*You tell him sister!

Him by DallasBlack

*Good thin you're not God, then nopony would ever find redemption.


*Though that would mean you would remain one of the best villains. Kind of a catch 22 situation.

Though by DallasBlack

*Starting to feel like a heel yet?


*Hope you know, nothing good will come from it's removal. Last time the Everfree Forest almost destroyed civilization as we know it.

Nothing by DallasBlack

*Shame, it's a downright S.I.N.!

Sin by DallasBlack

*His praise has gone straight to her head. Knocking out any sense in the process.

Head by DallasBlack

*I think Starlight's going to be sick.

Starlight by DallasBlack


Loyalty by DallasBlack


Generosity by DallasBlack


Kindness by DallasBlack

*And the rest! Here on Equestria's Island! Oh, sorry. Laughter and Honesty!

Rest by DallasBlack

*And Magic!

Magic! by DallasBlack

*It's been so long, they forgot!


*Um, you gals aren't going to be put in Limbo as well right? Then you're simply trading one group of heroes in Limbo for another. Starlight's idea to talk to Shadow is starting to look like the better plan.

Um by DallasBlack

*Suck up!

Suck by DallasBlack

*I don't think she does. Just like with the spell that caused all this mess, I think her blind devotion to Starswirl is clouding her judgment.


*Don't believe everything you read!

Read by DallasBlack

*Or maybe it's always been like that.

Always by DallasBlack

*You have Travel(ed) In Stygian territory!


*"I know that laugh."

Know by DallasBlack

*It would seem the earth has indigestion.

Earth by DallasBlack

*Ponies go down the hole!


*Come on, Flutters doesn't weigh that much!

Come by DallasBlack

*Shadows closing in on you!

Closing by DallasBlack

*Well Of Shade? Oh... well!

Shade by DallasBlack

*So what happened to him is basically what happened with Luna and Nightmare Moon.

Nightmare by DallasBlack

*That's some heavy revenge!

Revenge by DallasBlack

*Aw, you hoit his wittle feewings!

Wittle by DallasBlack

*Wouldn't you need to be a mollusk to be shellfish?


*Do you take personal checks?

Checks by DallasBlack

*Starswirl's magic cracks under pressure.

Pressure by DallasBlack

*Perhaps. If what happend to Luna was a 'friendship problem' then yes.


*That expression shows some doubt.

Doubt by DallasBlack

*Beardy so bossy!


*Can you feel the Power?!

The Power by DallasBlack

*"Not this again!"

Again by DallasBlack

*If you've got a plan under your sleeve Starlight, you better reveal it before it's too late. However, perhaps Twilight might step up finally.

Plan by DallasBlack

*Um, it looks like they just might.

Looks by DallasBlack

*Be 100% sure before you do this Twilight. If you're wrong then you're condeming that little guy to a dark prison.

100 by DallasBlack

*Remember Luna! Don't make the mistake Celestia made.


*She stepped up!


*Old dude is full of crap.

Crap by DallasBlack

*They were wrong to do that, but that doesn't excuse what came after.

They by DallasBlack

*So they're hearing that.

Hearing by DallasBlack

*"If you talked to him, you could have avoided all this."


*You mean it used you because you're emotions were running high.

Used by DallasBlack

*If they had just listened...

Listened by DallasBlack

*Let her help you... help yourself!

Help You by DallasBlack

*She has alicorn magic bestowed upon her in the name of friendship. If anypony can, it's her.

Alicorn by DallasBlack

*See, she agrees with me!


*Didn't think it'd be that easy did ya?

Easy by DallasBlack

*Doesn't mean she's not going to try!

Try by DallasBlack

*Bring him out of the darkness and into the light!

Bring by DallasBlack

*Pull with everything you've got!

Pull by DallasBlack

*Technically, he never NEEDED it. He just wanted it.


*It's always about friendship with you ponies!

It's by DallasBlack

*It looks like his hoof is sticking out of an anus!

Anus by DallasBlack


*Yup, that's her name!

Name by DallasBlack

*A little help guys? They aren't the only two with magic!

Only by DallasBlack

*About damn time! Hey Rarity and old broad, get with the magic!

Time by DallasBlack

*Stupid me, I forgot the Elements! Duh!!!!!

Stupid by DallasBlack

*You saved the pony AND you got to do some banishing!

Banishing by DallasBlack

*And the light will Forever Shine On!

Shine by DallasBlack

*And no stupid Rainbow Powers were needed!!!!


*Could be! Could be.

Be by DallasBlack

*They've got some stuff to say to each other.

Say by DallasBlack

*Basically he just said he was sorry.

Sorry by DallasBlack

*Finally you said something heartfelt to her!

Finally by DallasBlack

*And that's why she is better than you ever were. Her expression tells me her dream has come true.

Better by DallasBlack

*She's so flabbergasted, she can't think straight!

Straight by DallasBlack


*You've got the mission accomplished glow!

Mission by DallasBlack

*That's Starlight, he has the moxy!

Has by DallasBlack

*There is none taller... well, except maybe Trouble Shoes.

None by DallasBlack

*Princess Celestia is so old. "How old is she?" She can remember when the Dead Sea only had the sniffles.

Old by DallasBlack

*Remember, there are some in the fandom who actually ship these two.

Remember by DallasBlack

*Don't worry, he'll just give you a D- instead of an F.

D- by DallasBlack

*He's going to be a Nomad!

Nomad by DallasBlack

*It's time for them to enjoy their retirement!

Retirement by DallasBlack

*Oh you know she's going to lose it with that compliment. Suppress your wing boner Twilight!

Boner by DallasBlack

*Her dream has come true, she has received the highest praise from her hero!

True by DallasBlack

*Tears of joy! To be honest, I'm a bit misty eyed myself. I'm happy for the adorkable one!

Joy by DallasBlack

*Awwwww!!!!! Ain't that sweet?

Sweet by DallasBlack

*Group hug!!! Slave, what do you think you're doing? You contributed nothing. Just kidding, love ya guy! But seriously, all you did was carry books.

Hug by DallasBlack

*Heroes are overrated.


*Dawwwww!!!!! That last part is the parting shot so I won't post it here.


Well that was a nice season finale! A bit over hyped though. The promo made it look like the previous cast of villains were going to show up but they just got a passing mention. The Pony Of Shadows was pretty badass and Starswirl came off as a giant ass. Good to see even a legend like himself was greatly flawed and in the end he came around and gave Twilight the due she's earned. Starlight had quite a big part in this but I'm ok with that. I've grown accustomed to her character since her transformation. I think this one holds my record of screenshots (this second part that is) at a whopping 337 (38 bonus and a parting shot)! This is probably due to my wanting this SoC to be the grandest one I've done (I also probalby posted more songs than any review before it). Was this a perfect season finale? No, it was really good and I give it 4/5 or 9/10 but it just wasn't as good as I hoped it would be. Then again, that's how this season was. To me it was the weakest season in some time and overall I give it 3/5 or 7/10. Some really great episodes (some of the best like AJ's parents story) but too many duds. I think they rushed this season in too fast. It needed about a month or more break. I think it would have been much more enjoyable and would have made doing my reviews easier.


Speaking of which, because of how much a chore it is to do these SoCs, this maybe the last one (which is why I went all out for this one). That depends on how long of a break we get this time. If they rush it like they did with this season, I don't think I will have the energy or patience to continue. Without all the fanart and ES Stories polls to attach my reviews to in the comments, my viewership has dropped by half. When ES did his polls and some of the other artists did episode pieces every week, I'd get about 100 views in a week. Since very few artists do it and ES hasn't done any polls lately, I've gotten maybe 60-70 views a week if that. I don't think most people understand how much work goes into these reviews. It takes literally 6-8 hours to watch a 20 minute cartoon, not to mention the 2-3 hours it takes to put them in journal form. That is a ton of work for an average 7-10 views a day.


If this is the last one, I want to thank all those who have supported my endeavors these past several seasons. I've had a lot of fun with most of these and any kind word thrown my way in reference to them has been greatly appreciated. If I don't continue with the reviews, I may still catch the occasional screenshot and throw in a funny comment from time to time. Once again, thank you to all who read these and I will leave with my bonus shots and the parting shot:

Untitled00 by DallasBlack
"Is that... a baby dragon? What have ponies come to?"

Untitled01 by DallasBlack
"Dammit, I forgot my little blue pills!!!!"

Untitled02 by DallasBlack"That was close, I almost wet myself! Scratch that, I DID wet myself."

Untitled03 by DallasBlack
"He's so huge! In more ways than one!!!!!"

Untitled04 by DallasBlack
"No penis jokes while I'm around!!!!!"

Untitled05 by DallasBlack
"I agree! Nopony wants to hear about your shriveled, saggy old guy penis."

Untitled06 by DallasBlack
"Oh, I'm sure they're not THAT shriveled!"

Untitled07 by DallasBlack
"Besides, Starlight has many spells in her repertoire, I'm sure there's one that will fix that!"

Untitled08 by DallasBlack
"And if not, it's not like any mare would actually sleep with you."

Untitled09 by DallasBlack
"I wouldn't go that far, if you have a nice personality, I'm sure you can find somepony to sleep with you."

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"Sorry young lady, I've never paid for it in my life."

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
"Darling, Rainbow Dash isn't a prostitute. Even if she was, you couldn't afford her."

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
"Did you know I actually have a Starswirl dakimakura?!"

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
"Pink one, you are quite attractive. Come to my room tonight and let's set this ship asail!

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
"These perverted sex jokes have got to stop!"

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"Nope, not with me hugging your ass!!!! So squishy!!!!!!!!!"

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
"What a bad day. My idol hates me and these perverse jokes are non stop!!!!"

Untitled17 by DallasBlack
"This pretty little one tickles my fancy!"

Untitled18 by DallasBlack
"Talk to the hoof!"

Untitled19 by DallasBlack
"Twilight, are you ok? I'm sure the pervert will reel the sex jokes in now."

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"Phbbpthbpt!!! Yeah, that'll happen!!!!!"

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"I know, that sicko will never stop!"

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
Keep mocking me and I'll really give you two something to groan about!

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"Wow, that is one anatomically correct statue!"

Untitled24 by DallasBlack
"See! This is why I hate coming to the city! Nothing but sex, sex, sex!!!!"

Untitled25 by DallasBlack
"What is that smell? Did you fart or does your castle always smell like crap?"

Untitled26 by DallasBlack
"It was Apple Jack, she just lets them rip!!!!"

Untitled27 by DallasBlack
Got nothing, just like this screenshot!

Untitled28 by DallasBlack
"Is this where where we're going to have our orgy?"

Untitled29 by DallasBlack
"I thought those orgy jokes ran their course in part 1 of the review?!!!"

Untitled30 by DallasBlack
"Little does he realize this pervert's orgy jokes NEVER end."

Untitled31 by DallasBlack
"It was you Twilight, I learned it from watching you!!!!"

Untitled32 by DallasBlack
"Everypony hates me nopony loves me, I'm going to eat some worms!"

Untitled33 by DallasBlack
"Your will be redeemed even if I have to whip it out of you!!!"

Untitled34 by DallasBlack
"I hate Mondays!!!!!"

Untitled35 by DallasBlack
"I read your clopfic about us Starswirl. While I'm flattered in how you described me, I've never actually been that flexible."

Untitled36 by DallasBlack
"You're not such a bad screw up as I initially thought!"

Untitled37 by DallasBlack
"That's the sweetest thing anypony ever said to me with the phrase 'screw up'!"

Untitled38 by DallasBlack
"Twilight! Not in public!!! Wait until tonight."

The final parting shot of the season and maybe of the entire SoC series:

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

Ain't it sweet?!!!

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SoC: Shadow Play Pt. 1

Sat Oct 28, 2017, 8:09 PM

Here we have reached the end of another season of MLP: FiM. This time a lot of planning had been put into it. A while back there was a story arch in the IDW comics where they came across a pony who was erasing Equestrian history because of a dark character in his family's past. The Mane 6 managed to set him right and the comic ended with a pony in an shop knocking over a barrel, spilling it's contents. He says to himself that he needs to clear some of that junk out. Among that junk in the barrel was a mysterious book. In our last episode Twilight and Sunburst bought a barrel of blind buys from the antique shop. That was the very same barrel and the last shot was of that secret, mysterious book. Comics may not necessarily be canon but it was nice to tie the comics to the season finale. I've read the synopsis for the finale so I know the basic premise so I am anticipating this one! However, it's going to take almost a week to watch it so I can have my review ready. I'm actually typing this on the Thursday before the last episode I just mentioned. On the bright side, I'm ahead of schedule and should have no problem making the con (Nightmare Nights) on the 27th while being able to put this into journal form the night before. As like last time, this will be broken into two parts with probably one intro (this one) for both. However, I have a song I want to attach to this review that ties in perfectly and if I can't find a natural place to enter it in the Stream Of Conscience typing, I will use it as a brief intro. So without further ado, here is Shadow Play Part 1!


*There it is, The Book Of Secrets!

Book by DallasBlack

*Oooooo! Who be this narrator?!


*Well look at that! All the heroic characters of the past from this season as well as the infamous Starswirl!

Look by DallasBlack

*Perhaps this is Starswirl talking?

Starswirl by DallasBlack

*Power does tend to corrupt.

Power by DallasBlack

*I understand, I have to have more than water to quench my thirst. Though I usually settle for tea or soda.


*This must be the Pony Of Shadows mentioned in the synopsis.

Shadow by DallasBlack

*That looks Wicked awesome!

Wicked by DallasBlack

*This would be pretty epic if it weren't so stylized.

Epic by DallasBlack

*Give up cable TV?

Cable by DallasBlack

*So that's how the Tree Of Harmony came to be!

Tree by DallasBlack

*Big Mac responds to my last bullet point.

Big by DallasBlack

*Eh, it's a start!

Start by DallasBlack

*Like an old oak table! Vanish Percy, not varnish (Blackadder reference).

Oak by DallasBlack

*Dun dun duuuuuunnnn!!!

Dun by DallasBlack

*From worry to happy in two seconds flat!

Happy by DallasBlack

*Fluttershy is laughing at Twilight's sudden wing boner! So am I!!!!

Fluttershy by DallasBlack

*I take it you've heard of him.


*And now you're too old to do anything about it! Once again it's time for Twilight and Friends!

Old by DallasBlack

*Yeah AJ, haven't you been paying attention! I defend you all the time and you embarrass me like this!


*Thank you Pinkie!

Pinkie by DallasBlack

*Nopony (body) Knows!

Knows by DallasBlack

*There's always hope, even in hopeless!


*That's Twilight's department!

Department by DallasBlack

*Yeah, nopony cares College!

College by DallasBlack

*Isn't she just too adorkable?!!!

Adorkable by DallasBlack

*Something tells me Spike hears her brag about that all the time.


*Will you put on a private show for them?


*Oh Twilight, you're too cute!

Cute by DallasBlack

*Well you better get started then shouldn't you?!


*I wasn't able to get any of these in last episode and we already have Nose Boop O'clock motherbuckers!!!!!!

Nose Boop by DallasBlack

*When Twilight does it, it's adorkable. You on the other hoof, it's... is pathetisad a word?

Twilight by DallasBlack

*"Is this dork for real?"

Real by DallasBlack

*She's screwed.


*Let me put it this way RD. Bring a pillow.


*Or all time. Probably somewhere in between.


*And the crowd goes wild!

Wild by DallasBlack

*There goes The Candle!


*She might be asleep.

Asleep by DallasBlack

*No, but that would have been funny.

Funny by DallasBlack

*That you are useless for an all night bender.

Bender by DallasBlack

*Did you break a Pinkie Promise?

Promise by DallasBlack

*Rarity's not amused.

Amused by DallasBlack

*Perhaps it is. Occam's Razor!

Razor by DallasBlack

*Doesn't that hurt? Especially with your eyes already sore from being open for so long.

Hurt by DallasBlack

*Derp O'clock motherbuckers!!!!

Derp by DallasBlack

*Three days?! That's a long time to be up! Also, straight? So none of you are lesbians?

Days by DallasBlack

TBH, I did this review a week ago so I have no idea what the joke was supposed to be.

*Well at least you can read something other than a story you like. Even though you couldn't bother to read when trying to become a Wonderbolt.

Read by DallasBlack

*A Day of Difference is always possible.

Day by DallasBlack

*Doesn't take much for her to get wing boners does it?

Boner by DallasBlack

*Where do you feel it? You could just have indigestion.

Feel by DallasBlack

*Told you it was another language! Luckily Starlight is there to save your flank. Ponehenge? Sounds like Stonehenge.


*You don't know? What good are you?!!

Good by DallasBlack

*No, she got it telepathically. Of course she can read it!!!!


*You sound like the Swedish Chef!


*The Last Stand, I can't stand no more.


*Spike getting his bed ready like a cat! :D

Cat by DallasBlack

*Gather round everypony, it's story time!

Story by DallasBlack

*There be Ponehenge!

Ponehenge by DallasBlack

*It's funny, you live your entire life in Equestria and you never visit these places unless it's important to the plot.

Live by DallasBlack

*Crixi Krums?


*Oh, Crixi Rnums!

Oh by DallasBlack

*I imagine you've never seem many stuff before. Nopony has seen everything.

Imagine by DallasBlack

*She can't contain her excitement!

Contain by DallasBlack

*A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away!


*Some pony's hungry!

Hungry by DallasBlack

*This is no time for goofing around Rainbow Dash!


*Well good thing you guys aren't here to do some gardening.

Gardening by DallasBlack

*Huh?!!! You've broken it Flutters!

Broken by DallasBlack

*Don't worry, with your good behavior and kind nature, I'm sure they'll waive the death penalty.

Worry by DallasBlack

*Well the solution is simple. Give up and go home!


*Maybe for an insignificant slave like you, but she is a princess! This is a failure!.

Slave by DallasBlack

*She's not bound to be excited by the prospect of writing a paper. Who am I kidding?


*How long have you been doing this? It's never that easy.

Long by DallasBlack

*Of course that did it.

Did by DallasBlack

*The infamous Starswirl I presume!

Infamous by DallasBlack

*I'd say I made a good guess, but it was obvious to the most casual MLP fan.

Guess by DallasBlack

*"You have reached Starswirl The Bearded. I can't answer the spell right now but please leave your message with the recording and I will get back to you later."

Recording by DallasBlack

*If that's how she reacts to a hologram, imagine when Twilight meets the real thing!

Thing by DallasBlack

*Welcome to The Hall Of Holograms!

Hall1 by DallasBlack Hall2 by DallasBlack

*You are tresspassing, time to be vaporized!

Vaporize by DallasBlack

*You better hope that is a hologram too!

You by DallasBlack

*Flutters, I think Pinkie wants your attention.

Wants by DallasBlack

*That is one badass villain!

Badass by DallasBlack

*Behold the Descending Darkness!

Darkness by DallasBlack

*VERY badass!

Very by DallasBlack

*They came here to trap you!

Trap by DallasBlack

*It's always the power of six with this show isn't it? BTW, notice how Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack and Rarity are standing behind the pillars featuring the ponies each one talked about in Campfire Tales.

Six by DallasBlack

*The classic Mane 6!

Classic by DallasBlack

*You're boned dude!


*Something tells me he didn't like that.

Like by DallasBlack

*Those are some loud holograms!

Loud by DallasBlack Loud2 by DallasBlack

*Would that be considered book sex?

Sex by DallasBlack

*Inappropriate Pinkie Pie comment in 3... 2... 1...


*Blast off!!!!

Blast by DallasBlack Blast2 by DallasBlack

*The Great Mystery has been solved, haven't you been paying attention?!

Solved by DallasBlack

*Does it matter? A great evil has been locked away, everypony is safe. Don't meddle in something that could potentially put Equestria in danger.


*They are heroes and should be remembered as such. Don't make their sacrifice for nothing by trying to "fix" things.

Heros by DallasBlack

*Obligatory shot of Lyra and Bon Bon.

Lyra by DallasBlack

*NEVER underestimate Twilight!



See! by DallasBlack

*Well la de freakin' da!

Da by DallasBlack

*You know, Raindbow Dash worries about you.

Dash by DallasBlack

*So many damn adorkable Twilight moments this episode and we aren't even half way through part one!

So by DallasBlack

*Like your levels of adorkableness!

Levels by DallasBlack

*Even her snorts are adorkable!

Snort by DallasBlack

*Like your human handwriting?

Human by DallasBlack

Humanb by DallasBlack

*Gives new meaning to the phrase "nose in the book"! We can't see it so no Nose Boop O'clock here.

Nose by DallasBlack

* AJ didn't appreciate you hitting her in the face with that book.

Didn't by DallasBlack

*Yeah, certainly not a nose boop. Looks like it hit her mouth more.

Mouth by DallasBlack

*More like obsessed than excited.

Obsessed by DallasBlack

*In other words, as usual, you are talking over everypony's head.

Over by DallasBlack

*An Amazing Flight In Space!


*No confusion with this one, no debate: It's Nose Boop O'clock motherbuckers!!!!!

Confusion by DallasBlack

*Everypony love to limbo!!!!

Limbo by DallasBlack

*They held a pole low to the ground and walked upside down under it. And they kept lowering it until only one could go under it without touching the pole.

Pole by DallasBlack

*You're going to be sorry you asked.


*Of course she made a visual aid.

Aid by DallasBlack

*Inside what exactly?

Inside by DallasBlack

*You may need a little bit of sleep Twilight.

Sleep by DallasBlack

*Eh, I'm sure she can bring it back.


*Of course she did, of course she did.

Course by DallasBlack

*See AJ, you're not as dumb as some make you out to be!

Dumb by DallasBlack

*Did you not see the hologram earlier Flutters? That is an understatement!


*Ha, I did the limbo joke before you! I am the true Element of Laughter!!!!!

Joke by DallasBlack

*And that there is pushing it with the shipping. Control yourself Pinkie, don't give perverts like me more material!

Pushing by DallasBlack

*Yeah, and unleash the most powerful evil Equestria has ever known!


*No, she's Alicorn.

Alicorn by DallasBlack

*Well, no offense but you are no Twilight.

Offense by DallasBlack

*You've done it too.

Too by DallasBlack

*You are getting offended at a perfectly sensible question Twilight.


*Ok Twilight, that was below the belt. Just because she made a mistake in the past (that you KNOW she feels bad about) doesn't mean her asking if it's safe isn't a legitimate concern.

Belt by DallasBlack

*If in the process you release the Pony Of Shadows, then you dishonor the sacrifice him and the other ponies made.

Release by DallasBlack

*No, only the one SHE cares about. It's all about her you know.

Only by DallasBlack

*Like Purgatory!

Purgatory by DallasBlack

*Enough with the models Twilight!

Models by DallasBlack

*Thank you RD!

Thank by DallasBlack

*Commit her to an institution should do the trick.


*Bingo! Yatzee!!! Gold fish!!!!!!!!

Bingo by DallasBlack

*Those loud hologram items earlier should do the trick.


*"What she said."

She by DallasBlack

*He was so much like you!

Much by DallasBlack

*Don't look now, but there is a Light From Above!

Above by DallasBlack

*I don't think she's doing it on purpose.

Doing by DallasBlack

*What do you know! They are exactly items I metioned!

Exactly by DallasBlack

*Yup, exactly!

Yup1 by DallasBlack Yup2 by DallasBlack Yup3 by DallasBlack

*BTW, it's the power of the map that is doing this.


*That place has seen better days.

Better by DallasBlack

*Another one shot character return!

One by DallasBlack

*Or maybe it's just as spittoon?

Spatoon by DallasBlack

*Way to crush her spirit bitch!

Crush by DallasBlack

*Got news for you, the legends ARE real!

Legends by DallasBlack

*Is that an Indiana Jones pony?

Indiana by DallasBlack

*No, John Cena's golden shovel! Wrestling fans should get that reference.

Cena by DallasBlack

*This is coming from AJ, The Element Of Honesty, she don't lie!

Lie by DallasBlack

*Excuse me! You live in a land where two princesses raise the sun and moon, pegasai control the weather, and mythical creatures roam the world.


*Yup, Indiana Jones!

Jones by DallasBlack

*Don't just stand there and get crushed, run!

Don't by DallasBlack

*Sorry, you were talking about strength?

Strength by DallasBlack

*Big Mac would be proud!


*Well, you better believe!

Believe by DallasBlack

*That's my girl AJ! I knew you were one of my favorites for a reason!


*Ah, smug mode!

Smug by DallasBlack

*I think I know where you will find your shovel!


*AJ, I dub thee Shovel Knight!

Knight by DallasBlack

*Well duh!

Duh! by DallasBlack

*So much for the lush garden! Now it's more like a... brush garden!

Lush by DallasBlack

*A simple warning would do!

Warning by DallasBlack Warning2 by DallasBlack

*And you treat others better than that you old bat!


*Were they all as crotchety as you?

Crotchety by DallasBlack

*What are you going to do, stab her to death with a spade?

Spade by DallasBlack

*This is Rarity you are talking to! She can make anything lovely!


*Generations of only being able to keep on flower blooming and here she fixes everything in a matter of seconds. You are not very good with your vocation,

Generations by DallasBlack

*Now apologize to the young lady for your rude and violent outburst!

Lady by DallasBlack

*Looks like another job for Nelson!

Nelson by DallasBlack

*She's the Element of Generosity, it's what she do!

Do by DallasBlack

*Item number 2, check!

2 by DallasBlack

*A dragon flying a pony? Preposterous!

Pony by DallasBlack

*Yeah, yeah and the hero of the Crystal Empire. We know!

Hero by DallasBlack

*Hang 8! You know, because they only have four claws on each hand!

8 by DallasBlack

*You sound like an old crone.


*I think RD will have something to say about that!


*Here we go!

Go by DallasBlack

*Come on Spike, why'd you stop her?


*Yeah, that's kinda the point.

Point by DallasBlack

*Well look who's got the shield!


*Way to go Dash, now he KNOWS it's valuable to you! Good luck getting it!

Way by DallasBlack

*Oh no, that kind of abuse can't stand!

That by DallasBlack

*A sound argument... and he will have nothing to do with it.

Argument by DallasBlack

*If you're talking a straight up race, your ass is grass. RD is the fastest thing in the sky.

Straight by DallasBlack

*Of course... you coward!


*No pressure Spike.

Pressure by DallasBlack

*Things aren't looking too good there... but we know it will all work out in the end.

Aren't by DallasBlack

*Again, Nelson.

Again by DallasBlack

*Um, I'm pretty sure that was implied.

Implied by DallasBlack

*Way to go Rainbow Dash!


*Ain't that Sweet!

Sweet by DallasBlack

*Highly doubt it, he'd have to eat your rainbow.

Highly by DallasBlack

*What's this here? Why, it's Nose Boop O'clock mother buckers.
What's by DallasBlack

*She could have beat him, but decided to use his stupidity against him. Remember kids, work smarter, not harder!

Beat by DallasBlack

*Ah, smug mode!

Ah by DallasBlack

*Hey, it's the Rastafarian stallion!