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Michel Newcomb
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Born and raised in Texas since 1979. Cartoon enthusiast since childhood. Drawing fan since then too, though never learned any techniques, too interesting in drawing than learning how to. Wrestling fan since 1990. Heavy metal hard rock fan since 1991. Tried twice to learn guitar but gave up each time (I'm just too lazy and impatient to learn things like that -same problem I had with drawing). Bullied but survived middle school. Wrestled in High School. Signed up for the US Navy in senior year. Graduated in 1998. Went into the the Navy in 1999. Became a Christian while in the navy. Left navy in 2003. Went to community college in same year, graduated in 2005. Went to University Of North Texas, did one semester then dropped out. Best friend and brother by choice passed away in 2005. Became a fan of furry art in 2006, eventually being comfortable with the furry tag despite the negative stereotype from the yiff crowd. Went to automotive school in 2009. Failed in automotive career. Became a fan of MLP art in 2010 but refused to watch the show or accept the Brony tag. Went through various warehouse jobs until going into trucking school. Drove a truck for a while, but like the auto career, I screwed it up. Went into a depression and finally watched MLP. Fell in love with the show which helped me through those dark times. Now despite the negative stereotypes from the cloppers, I accept the Brony tag. Started my career at Amazon, hope things improve from there.

Used to have dreams of being a pro wrestler but genetics worked against me. Used to have dreams of singing in a metal band, but I barely have any social friends so have realized my dreams have to be set aside for reality. I still fantasize about how all those things could have happened, but not so much that I lose sight of reality. Once I can summon up the courage, I’ll start going to and singing at kareokee (sic) bars-don't like going to places like that by myself. Really don't know where I'm going and find it best to just concentrate on today. Praise God! Metal forever! Art forever!

I know my watchers are few in numbers, but what the hay: I was watching Family Appriciation Day and remembered how adorable Bunny Bloom was and I collected some screenshots so I could draw one of them. Which should I draw? BTW, I will not be drawing Tiara 

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SoC: Secrets And Pies

Sun Oct 15, 2017, 12:19 PM

I have a con I want to see on the Sunday after the season finale which is when I usually put my reviews together. I was hoping that by the weekend before it, the season finale would leak so I could get the review ready to be put in journal form the day the episodes officially are released. Imagine my shock when I found out all four final episodes got leaked. Perfect opportunity to try and get them all done and ready beforehand (I will still put them in journal form and release them the week they debut). So I am typing this on October 12th but you are reading it now on the 15th.


When I first saw the name of the episode, it seemed strange. Then I realized it was a simple pun! If you've read my reviews you know I'm a pun factory so not noticing it should come as a surprise. It is a take on secrets and lies. I guess I can assume the episode will have secrets and... well, lies. With the pun it will also involve pies, which says to me Pinkie Pie will be in it. This will have to suffice for my intro as I can't think of anything cleaver enough. So without further ado, here is my SoC for Secrets And Pies!


*Sure enough, we open up on Sugar Cube Corner with Pinkie calling out ingredients.


*The best cooks don't need measuring devices. The best ones like my late Grandma Joe would use a pinch of that, a dash of that, a handful of those.

Pinch by DallasBlack

*THE Masterpiece!

Masterpiece by DallasBlack

Images by DallasBlack

*So is Rainbow Dash.

Dash by DallasBlack

*Because rainbows are made in Cloudsdale?

Rainbows by DallasBlack

*Cute little laugh aside, that many different spices and sweets there are bound to be ones that don't go good together.

Laugh by DallasBlack

*All those sound good except the towel. Wouldn't that make the thing a bit dry?


*I thought she preferred either Apple Jack's pie or Twilight's considering they are the two more popular Rainbow Dash shipping?


I regret nothing!


*She sure is cuckoo for coco! Heck, lets face it, she's just plain cuckoo.

Coco by DallasBlack

*Not after you've eaten it. Germs!

Eaten by DallasBlack

*Of course not, with only 73 ingredients there is no room for chocolate.


*That was cute little animation with her explaining that chocolate as coal for her train.

Animation1 by DallasBlack Animation2 by DallasBlack Animation3 by DallasBlack Animation4 by DallasBlack

*So is that how you justify gluttony?

Gluttony by DallasBlack Gluttony2 by DallasBlack

*That is the extent of your break privileges? Those are some deplorable working conditions!


*How exactly is doing a train impression going to help bake the cake?

Train by DallasBlack

*Don't encourage her Twilight!


*Look at who we've got in the background there! Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail! That cute couple from Top Bolt, an episode that I just watched the day of this typing (October 12th)

Background by DallasBlack

*Which was your original name!


*That's funny, Twilight said the same thing!

Twilight by DallasBlack

*You were too impatient to wait for the 100th. You impatient? That's ridicu... yeah, makes sense.

Impatient by DallasBlack

*Every time somepony(one) says you didn't have to do something generous, that always is the go to response. Otherwise it wouldn't be generous.

Go To

*And..... now the whole thing is gone.


*There is no way she is not going know what happened to the whole thing. Unless she goes into Patrick star mode.


*That is correct, Cinnamon Girl!

Girl by DallasBlack

*Wait a minute, she only took the slice? Perfectly good waste of the "what's that" trick!


*So you'll get too fat to fly fast and ruin your career as a Wonderbolt. A perfect diabolical plan Pinkie!!!

Fat by DallasBlack

*Sounds like she just made up a lie. I have a feewing, Wainbow Dash up to someting!

Someting by DallasBlack

*I can't believe it, it's in the trash! Could it be she never liked Pinkie's pie?

Trash by DallasBlack

*The episode title is misleading. Rainbow Dash appears to be full of secrets, but not pies!

Secrets by DallasBlack

*Dun dun dunnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Dun by DallasBlack

*Pinkie must be drunk because she appears to be... trashed!

Pinkie by DallasBlack

*No, but if you hum a few bars I'll fake it. Wait, that saying doesn't work here, forget I said anything.


*Poor guy is like, "Is she going to kill me if I give the wrong answer?"

Kill by DallasBlack

*Wrong answer, it's Time To Die! I'm kidding, she'll probably just maim you.

Wrong by DallasBlack

*You're in luck, you get to Live Another Day!

Live by DallasBlack

*Nose Boop O'clock motherbuckers!!!!!

Nose Boop by DallasBlack

*Down Pinkie Pie, down girl! Bad Pinkie!

Down by DallasBlack

*Good answer. Just tell her what she needs to know and nopony gets hurt.


*That's right, just back away slowly. No sudden movements, they can smell fear.

Slowly by DallasBlack

*Nice little 60s Batman parody!

Parody by DallasBlack

*Wouldn't be the first time little Miss Party Of One!

First by DallasBlack

*Too much chocolate will make you fat, but not crazy.

Too by DallasBlack

*Banana? I thought it was blueberry.


*Here we go again, Pinkie Pie going crazy!

Crazy by DallasBlack Crazy2 by DallasBlack Crazy3 by DallasBlack

*Unless it's true?

True by DallasBlack

*Sure, let's go with that one. Forget any rational explanation with a factual basis in reality. Something totally nonsensical sounds like the best place to start.


*Gummy has a brain the size of a pebble fraction and even he doesn't buy that.

Brain by DallasBlack

*Oh, this will be good.

Good by DallasBlack

*Yup, I was right.


*That was funny!

Funny by DallasBlack

*And how would they even get the water inside her head? Too full of herself for there to be room.


*That's gross, all the exercise she gets and she can't bother washing up. I hope she at least uses deodorant.

Gross by DallasBlack

*So Twilight isn't the only pony who takes meticulous records of everything she does.

Record by DallasBlack

*It could be you're making too many pies? A pie for every little minor occasion can really put one off of them after a while.


*I spy, beside the pie, Derpy! The unsung hero of the movie!

Derpy by DallasBlack

*Now, did that actually happen or is she imagining that?


*Yeah, nothing but LIES!!!!!!!

Lies by DallasBlack

*Well there's the problem, Pinkie falls for the same trick everytime!


*Some mad skills right there!

Skills by DallasBlack

*Then it worked as intended!


*Starting to look that way.

Starting by DallasBlack

*I think that, maybe was a yes. Like insturciton manuals, gators are hard to read sometimes.

Yes by DallasBlack

*Even with Gummy you fall for it!

Gummy by DallasBlack

*That's not an answer, that's a hat!

Hat by DallasBlack

*No, fraternizing is not allowed!

Allowed by DallasBlack

Come on, have ever even read one of my SoCs?!


*Ah ha! There in on it! It's on conspiracy!!!


*So a yes and a no at the same time? That's a very confusing answer.

Yes No by DallasBlack

*If she's not eating them, why throw them away? Giving them to Soarin would seem like a more proficient way.

Soarin by DallasBlack

*Ponies of interest? How interesting!

Interesting by DallasBlack

*Everything about the subject at hand or everything in general. Because this is only a 20 minute show.

General by DallasBlack

*Ok, so she's not throwing away all of them. She's actually donating some to charity.


*Well, just make sure the pies aren't having their civil rights infringed upon. Otherwise any positive ID could be thrown out by the judge.

Rights by DallasBlack

*What does a veterinarian have to do with identifying pies?

Vet by DallasBlack

*Oh, right. Rainbow Dash has a pet. I forgot.


*"Oh, when I was a young filly I found I had a knack for taking care of animals and that's when I realized... oh wait, you mean Tank's tummy troubles."

Oh by DallasBlack

*Uh, you may have to explain that to her, I'm not sure Pinkie Pie can grasp such a concept as too much sugar.


*I like how she read that like a pharmacy commercial!

Commercial by DallasBlack

*Why, that's the best kind of peach pie ain't it? Again, I'm thinking too many pie occasions.

Peach by DallasBlack

*Plop, plop, fizz, fizz! Oh what a relief it is! Sorry, too much TV in ones life tends to have side effects.

Plop by DallasBlack

*So it's a driver license picture? Those are never pretty.


*Always amazed at how versatile her hair is!

Versitile by DallasBlack

*That's um... physically impossible. Then again I'm talking about a cartoon but if I go by that logic I might as well not even do these SoCs. :D

Impossible by DallasBlack

*The lab? I don't recall her having any staff.

Lab by DallasBlack

*And why the hell would the flavor of pie even be relevant in a medical emergency?


*No, because that would be stupid.

Stupid by DallasBlack

*Miss Cheerilee? Haven't seen her in a while, time for a return!


*Well I know a pie wasn't found in that, the poor thing would explode!


*It's a Pandemic!!!

Pandemic by DallasBlack

*Patient Zero?!!! I know I just did a song but this one ties into another Perfectly.

Zero by DallasBlack

*Them some dumb children you're teaching.

Dumb by DallasBlack

*But ponies are animals and... sigh. Nevermind.


*Um, bakeries! Duh!!!

Bakeries by DallasBlack

*I think Pinkie is about to be sick.

Sick by DallasBlack

*That's what it sounded like to me.

Me by DallasBlack

*Well if it talks like a duck and walks like a duck, you can probably be sure it ain't no turkey.

Duck by DallasBlack

*You could almost count on it!

Count by DallasBlack

*So glad that they can bathe in your tears?

Tears by DallasBlack

*Or glad for that.

Or by DallasBlack

*Well that's all a garbled and sticky mess!

Mess by DallasBlack

*Yes, it's a bit of a technicality, but... Nose Boop O'clock again motherbuckers!!!!

Bit by DallasBlack

*"If only I had teeth, I could eat that! Make her Stumpy Pie!"

Teeth by DallasBlack

*Man, all those Wasted Years!


*You can't handle the truth!!! (Video contains foul language, you have been warned)

Truth by DallasBlack

*Who says Pinkie's has no brain, it's like a well run computer!

Computer by DallasBlack

*Pie, eye, pie! She's had a revelation!

Pep by DallasBlack Pep2 by DallasBlack Pep3 by DallasBlack

*Seriously? You had to go through all that just to figure our what we all knew several scenes ago?!

Figure by DallasBlack


Nooooo!!!!! by DallasBlack



*Well looky here, it's everyone's favorite apple bucker, Apple Jack!

Looky by DallasBlack

*Pay no attention to that AJ, it's just standard Pinkie.


*"What the hay is..."

Hay by DallasBlack


That by DallasBlack

*That is some skill!

Skilll by DallasBlack

*No, she's Pinkie.

No by DallasBlack

*Well that depends. If you're screaming because something has fallen off, I doubt it's very fun.

Depends by DallasBlack

*She was lying!

Lying by DallasBlack

*Wow, that is one glowing compliment from one who values apples above all else!

Glowing by DallasBlack

*Random Pinkie is always a winner!

Random by DallasBlack

*Well of course, how else would she know she didn't like the pies if she didn't at least try one.


*And a here we go.... Nose Boop O'clock yet again motherbuckers!!!!!

Here by DallasBlack

*Pinkie seems to be a pro at interrogation. She can put anypony off their game. Even the unappable Flap Jack!

Interigation by DallasBlack


*You sound confused. Was that a statement or a question?


*Sure about that as that that's an anaconda.

As by DallasBlack

*Exactly what? She said maybe.

Exactly by DallasBlack

*Laughing a them? Scheming to get rid of them? Pies?! Okay.


*Her imagination is running away from her again. If it doesn't come back... with cake, then there is no getting it back.

Imagination by DallasBlack

*Another badass look for Dash!

Badass by DallasBlack

*I don't know, did you ever have the baked bads AJ made?

Bads by DallasBlack

*Rainbow Dash's pie druids await her command.

Druids by DallasBlack

*Hardly disgusting. Maybe bland or underwhelming, but not disgusting.


*Ok, as cool as this over exaggeration is, this is a bit too much even for Pinkie's unconventional mind.

Cool by DallasBlack

*WAYYYYY too much!

Much by DallasBlack

*Still cool though!

Still by DallasBlack

*Oh god, it's all over her! I... I think I'm going to be sick.

Over by DallasBlack

*Fire and eyes! Get it? Fire and ice?!

Fire by DallasBlack

*Oh the humanity... and the carbs!!!!

Carbs by DallasBlack

*She's a monster! ....of Pinkie's imagination... and not an actual representation of Rainbow Dash.... and therefore doesn't exist... meaning I have no real outrage for this.

Monster by DallasBlack

*That's a mild way to put it. I'd say Pinkie, that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of! Try to keep your theories in the realm of possibilities you air headed sugar addicted junkie! Too harsh?

Put by DallasBlack

*Well that's a relief.


*Oh boy.

Boy by DallasBlack Boy2 by DallasBlack

*Please tell me she isn't going to poison all Equestria.

Poison by DallasBlack

*Was there a point to crawling into the barrel of apples besides being funny?

Crawling by DallasBlack

*That was a cute little segment (particularly the way she said "a go")!

Cute1 by DallasBlack Cute2 by DallasBlack Cute3 by DallasBlack Cute4 by DallasBlack Cute5 by DallasBlack

*Apple Jack! That is a terrible plan, you should be ashamed!

Apple Jack by DallasBlack

*Gummy will show you the way out.

Out by DallasBlack

*That was quite the Rude Awakening!

Rude by DallasBlack Rude2 by DallasBlack

*You and Pinkie got drunk at Los Pegasus and she is now your lawfully wedded wife.

Drunk by DallasBlack

*I'm sure most of the celebrations Pinkie comes up with are ones nopony has ever heard of before.


*That is a nice pie!

Nice by DallasBlack

*Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answers to.

Know by DallasBlack

*To borrow a previous repeated statement, that's oddly specific!


*Oh, a new technique (good thing, Pinkie wasn't going to fall for the "look over there" trick this time)! Cover her in pollen so her allergies kick causing her to sneeze in and then you can get rid of the pie that way.

Allergies by DallasBlack

*And now, the pie is gone.

Now by DallasBlack

*Now that is called being prepared!

Prepared by DallasBlack

*And now Tank is in for another trip to the vet!

Trip by DallasBlack

*You've just been had Pinkie.

Had by DallasBlack

*I think that just might break Pinkie.

Break by DallasBlack

*You can never accuse Pinkie of giving up easy.

Accuse by DallasBlack

*Just Eat It!

Eat by DallasBlack

*I'll say, just eat one pie and it can stop.

Say by DallasBlack

*Let's see you get your way out of this smeg head!

Smeg by DallasBlack

*Eh, eh, eh! Not this time!


*Should've known!

Should've by DallasBlack

*Poor Pinkie! Perhaps it's time for her to just take the direct approach and confront her... like she probably should've done.

Poor by DallasBlack

*With all the damage she has taken over the years, if there was ever internal injuries it's probably too late.

Damage by DallasBlack

*You lying bitch!


*If she hasn't gone off the deep end by now... a fall from those pies will do it.

Deep by DallasBlack

*You probably should have put more thought into that idea.

Probably by DallasBlack

*Direct approach!

Direct by DallasBlack

*Her plan is obviously... a pie in the sky!

Sky by DallasBlack

*The best food is the kind you can wear!

Wear by DallasBlack

*She has gone overboard with pie overload!

Overload by DallasBlack

*"Now eat them!" That sequence was a riot and made for a great screenshot animation (too many pictures for the review so I only picked the best)!

Riot3 by DallasBlack Riot7 by DallasBlack Riot9 by DallasBlack

*Using children! For shame!!!!

Children by DallasBlack

*Is this it? Is she going to blow?!

Is by DallasBlack Is2 by DallasBlack Is3 by DallasBlack Is4 by DallasBlack

*No, I guess she has a bit more patience before lift off.


*It's a pie Festival! Perfect place for the cat to get out of the bag!

Festival by DallasBlack

*Cotton Candy has gone crazy! Actually she's already been crazy, this goes beyond it.

Cotton by DallasBlack

*She don't look so good.

So by DallasBlack

*Just do it, put her out of her misery!

Misery by DallasBlack

*Blinking is for losers!

Blinking by DallasBlack

*Rainbow Dash is doing this deliberately to torture her!

Torture by DallasBlack

*Pinkie, stop doing this to yourself. Just confront her about the issue and stop with all these silly... phychotic games!

Confront by DallasBlack

*This HAS to be her exploding point!


*She's going to stop at the last minute.

Last by DallasBlack

*That depends, do you have any soul?!!!


*So close! Rainbow Dash is a total bitch.

Close by DallasBlack

*About damn time!

Damn by DallasBlack

*Everypony's in shock at that revelation!

Shock by DallasBlack

*Hoisted on your own petard!

Petard by DallasBlack

*Let me guess you had that answer up your balloon mail just to pull it out here.


*Ok, I think you just lost her there.

Lost by DallasBlack

*Yes, you've been lying with all of them... this fandom ships all!

Lie by DallasBlack

*I think she can emphatically tell you that there is nothing she's said that you SHOULD know.

She by DallasBlack

*And just what do you think this has done?


*More like broke her, but the gist of what AJ said is true.

Broke by DallasBlack

*Or perhaps just told her you don't care for pies?


*Whatever it is, I guess you could try.

Try by DallasBlack

*Piggy Pie!

Piggy by DallasBlack

*There it is! There it is! Eye Roll O'clock mother buckers!!!!!

Eye Roll by DallasBlack

*Twilight's like, "That's not helping!"

Helping by DallasBlack

*Pieling system? So stupid of a pun, I love it!!!


*It was so borderline, I debated it. I have decided that it won't count.

Debated by DallasBlack

*I though this was to make her feel... better!

Better by DallasBlack

*That is the grossest thing on a kid's cartoon to never bee seen on Nickelodeon!

Grossest by DallasBlack

*Call her bluff Pinkie! Call her bluff!!!!


*I know she doesn't like washing, but perhaps after this she will.

Washing by DallasBlack

*Please don't stop her Pinkie! Please don't stop her! Please...!

Please by DallasBlack

*AWWWWW!!!!! Why not?!!!!

Awwwww!!!!! by DallasBlack

*What now? Are the lasers going to come out of her mouth?


*AWWWWW!!!!! That was so damn sweet, I actually teared up! Now I feel bad about the whole Rainbow Dash is a bitch and I want her to eat that garbage thing!!!


*And now you two can finally stop this silly Charade!

Charde by DallasBlack

*Yeah that's sweet. Now can Rainbow hurry up and wash that disgusting mess off of her?

Sweet by DallasBlack

*Perhaps she should wash up first?


*That is the most adorable thing I've seen that ever made me want to throw up!

Throw by DallasBlack

*She's doing you a favor. You can't smell that crap if you can't breathe.

Favor by DallasBlack

*Yeah, nopony cares Fletcher Reede.

Cares by DallasBlack

*That's not going to stop her.

Stop by DallasBlack

*Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha by DallasBlack

*This one I'm not going to debate, before the episode ends it's Eye Roll O'Clock motherbuckers!!!!!

Ends by DallasBlack

What a cute and funny episode with some great psychotic Pinkie moments! It seemed like another entertaining Pinkie being Pinkie episode but they ended up throwing in some genuine feels. I was a bit annoyed at RDs deception even to the point that it was clearly breaking Pinkie. However, her heart was in the right place even though her brain may have been somewhere else. The revelation of why she was doing what she was doing genuinely brought a tear to my eye. Doing the reviews over a period of several days helped quite a bit and allowed me to be more focused on the review and I was able to come up with more material. Though funny enough, not more screenshots. My screenshot count is pretty average especially with all the bonus shots and screenshots used to capture animations. Anyway, this may not be my strongest SoC but I think I did a decent job. If some of the stuff seems odd, remember a lot of the reviewing was done around bedtime on worknights but I think most of it is coherent. Well, that raps it up for me and I will give this episode a 4/5 or a 8.8/10! Fun all around. Well motherbuckers, as always I end with bonus screenshots and the parting shot:

Untitled00 by DallasBlack
"I'm worried. With pie being the central theme of this episode, I just know this will be filled with perversions. This creep can't help himself."

Untitled01 by DallasBlack
She's possessed!!!

Untitled02 by DallasBlack
"I'm going to bake these pies to DEATH!!!!"

Untitled03 by DallasBlack
"Check out this bird call Fluttershy taught me!!!"

Untitled04 by DallasBlack
"It's time to ship!!!!!!"

Untitled05 by DallasBlack
"You ready to eat my pie?!"

Untitled06 by DallasBlack
"With a little Spanish fly mixed in, she will be mine!"

Untitled07 by DallasBlack
"Guess it was a failed batch. Damny Rainbow's got a hot flank!"

Untitled09 by DallasBlack
"Uh oh, you've been spotted. Act fast!"

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"Sooooo... Come around here often?"

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
"Forget it, I'll just kill you and dispose of the body. Nopony will ever know."

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
"That would never happen, you are sick!!!! Well, there was that ONE time... "

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
"Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight..." An American Tale reference, 80s kids will know it.

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
"Um, her eye is sticking out of her skull. That's not right!"

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"Could you, um... put your eye back into it's socket, that's kind of gross."

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
"Don't talk to me about gross, I've heard about the Wonderbolt's pie orgies! Now I know where you got all them from."

Untitled17 by DallasBlack
"If I hear any shipping jokes involving me, you'll wake up with your kidneys missing."

Untitled18 by DallasBlack
"Sometimes you have be firm with them. Just like pets, perverts respond to sharp commands."

Untitled19 by DallasBlack
"I just realized, I left the oven on!"

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"That one was totally random, and not funny in any way. Maybe the perverted comments are needed after all."

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"The fandom needs to stop worrying about me. I don't need Big Mac. Actually with a special invention, I don't need ANY stallion!"

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
"You're right, the perversions ARE funnier!!!!"

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"Yeah, they are a necessary evil. They're still pretty cringeworthy though."

Untitled24 by DallasBlack
"Objection! Objection! Objection!!!!!"

Untitled25 by DallasBlack
"I'm not constipated, I'm ANGRY!!!!!"

Untitled26 by DallasBlack
"Nopony makes a fool out of me, I am perfectly capable of it myself!!!"

Untitled27 by DallasBlack
Apple Jacks driver's licence is typical of so many. They really should let you have a do over.

Untitled28 by DallasBlack
"That IS an ugly driver's licence!"

Untitled29 by DallasBlack
"Join me my minions, and no pie will survive our wrath!!!!!"

Untitled30 by DallasBlack
"This would be 20% cooler if it weren't some figment of Pinkie's deranged imagination!"

Untitled31 by DallasBlack
"I'm going to make a very 'special' apple pie JUST for Rainbow Dash and MAKE her eat it!"

Untitled32 by DallasBlack
"There, that will make these apples EXTRA special!"

Untitled34 by DallasBlack
"Try another poop joke like that and you will be wearing this!"

Untitled35 by DallasBlack
"Poop jokes? I LOOOOOVE those!!!!!!!"

Untitled36 by DallasBlack
"He's a chicken I tell you, a giant chicken!!!!"

Untitled37 by DallasBlack
"It's rape time!!!!"

Untitled39 by DallasBlack
"You're supposedly a lesbian, I'm sure you can handle all those pies!"

Untitled38 by DallasBlack
"What? Was it something I said?"

Untitled40 by DallasBlack
"Don't you find me pretty anymore?!"

Untitled41 by DallasBlack
"I think I liked it better when she was angry at me."

Until next week motherbuckers, It's Parting Shot O'clock!!!!!

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

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SoC: Once Upon A Zeppelin

Sun Oct 8, 2017, 1:14 PM

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I'm still on a high after seeing the movie. I don't see how any episode after that is going to compare but I will do my best to separate the two. As a matter of fact, I think the movie explains why some of the episodes this season have been "meh". They put more time and effort into making the best movie they could. So I can forgive the less than stellar episodes. Not saying, I think this week's episode is going to be such an episode or that my love of the movie is going to taint my review, but it may be possible so be forewarned. Again, not sure how to come up with an intro, so I will try this:


Once upon a Zeppelin Led

Music could be heard

Vocals that could raise the dead

Guitar styling that lead the herd


Created a stairway to Heaven

Gave a whole lotta love

Even wrote a song about a lemon

To the houses of holy above


Paige and Plant legends for all time

Influenced many bands to come

Grandfathers of metal, a favorite of mine

Though it's just noise for some


No more shall I ramble on before it gets too lame

It's like a black dog in my head

And now the song remains the same

Once upon a Zeppelin Led.


I think that ties in nicely with the episode title Once Upon A Zeppelin. Poetry isn't easy for me and that took a while which is the real reason I cut it short, but not bad I may say. Hope you enjoyed it as much as you will enjoy this week's SoC. Let's find out!


*Twilight filing paperwork in her castle (no not a euphemism for sitting on the potty).


*Looks like it's exciting.

Exciting by DallasBlack

*Come on Twilight, you know what they say, "No use crying over a broken quill." Ok, so I'm the only one saying it but that's besides the point.

Broken by DallasBlack

*Either he's going to throw up, or he's got a message from Celestia.

Throw Up

*Of course, Fire. Luckily, this is one of the few kid's shows that doesn't resort to gross out humor.

Fire by DallasBlack

*Special delivery for Twilight Sparkle!

Delivery by DallasBlack

*Oh, so they are going to ALLUDE to gross out humor.


*Owey a yoho hem? That is interesting!

Owey by DallasBlack


Yay by DallasBlack

*When it's family, you make time!


*Your slave makes a good point.


*Come on Spike, you know it's not going to be that easy to convince her.

Easy by DallasBlack

*Spike understands when Push Comes To Shove you take action!

Push by DallasBlack

*Careful, you don't want a repeat of Princess Spike now do you?


*That's rich, a slave as a family member, how cute!


*Wait, I thought you couldn't hear her? Liar!!!

Wait by DallasBlack

*I guess you could say she's... right on schedule?

Schdule by DallasBlack

*An airship? Was this before or after the movie? Because in the movie they didn't know what to make of airships.


Airship by DallasBlack

*That is a strange mane on that blue mare.

Mane by DallasBlack

*Despite being seen several times, she must be new to this show. You should never look forward to relaxation in Equestria.

New by DallasBlack

*I have a feeling Twilight didn't need to hear that.


*Like sweet cream people put on pie, that guy is... whipped!

Sweet by DallasBlack

*Very subtle, very subtle.

Subtle by DallasBlack

*Being a unicorn and flying like a pegasus, you could feel like a princess! Sissy. :D

Princess by DallasBlack

*There is a major difference between flying on a ship and being tossed around on a rickety ride put together by circus freaks with missing appendages.

Difference by DallasBlack

*Suuure you have, we believe you. Tough it's kind of cute he still tries to impress his girl after years of marriage.


*I'm sure they do Yosemite Sam. Don't' worry, I don't think there are any carrot eatin' varmints there. Though ponies are known to eat carrots from time to time.


*Oh my Celestia, it's Iron Will!!!!!

Iron Will by DallasBlack



*Yup, Iron Will.

Yup by DallasBlack

*Intriguing! Mysterious creepy strangers.

Creepy by DallasBlack

*See! The arm tells it all!

See by DallasBlack

*All seem excited. Their suite must be... sweet!

Suit by DallasBlack

*Ok, I understand their parents being in awe, but Twilight and Royal Crystals live in crystal castles for crying out loud! That is a step down.

Understand by DallasBlack

*I don't get it.

Get by DallasBlack

*The "Iron Will Scheme To Make Money Since Fluttershy Ruined His Assertiveness Training" contest of course!


*Winning a contest they didn't enter? More intrigue!

More by DallasBlack

*Well, that's... stupid. Do you even read before you sign?

Stupid by DallasBlack

*Even more stupid. The family that suffers together... kills each other eventually.

Together by DallasBlack

*Twilight knows just how to take something exciting and adventurous and make it boring.

Boring by DallasBlack

*Did you hear that, her dad is easy. Her mother could have turned out quite differently.

Hear by DallasBlack

*Oooh, that's a bingo!

Bingo by DallasBlack

*Well now we see where Twilight gets her boring from.


*He is easy if that's all it takes to satisfy him.

Satisfy by DallasBlack

*He likes tiny things I take it. Wonder if they make him feel big. Only Cadence knows for sure.

Tiny by DallasBlack
Da4619462dcd6659a16036d611bc1960--animal-pics-prin by DallasBlack

*What about Tiny Lister?

What by DallasBlack

Lister by DallasBlack

*Are you sure it isn't for Cadence or is Shining the only one with an immature side.

Cadence by DallasBlack

*The internet pisses me off. I'm trying to find the slang term of an animal sticking it's tongue out and I can't find a damn thing! Totally useless!!! Whatever that bucking term is, Flurry looks adorable doing it.

Adorable by DallasBlack

*With an adventurous side like that, makes you wonder if she's really Twilight's mother.

Mother by DallasBlack

*Oh, it's all about you innit?! Selfish!!!

About by DallasBlack

*Asteroid apocalypse?

Asteroid by DallasBlack

*Well that's a let down from an apocalypse.

Let Down

*I wonder if any of them are thinking, "Well, I guess the whole cruise can't be exciting." But are just too polite to tell her.

Thinking by DallasBlack

*That is inconclusive answer, she could still be thinking boring.


*Why do I get a feeling that the penciled (penned) in activity she didn't plan for is going to throw something off.

Feeling by DallasBlack

*Put the baby to bed and have a family orgy! I'm kidding, I'm kidding... or am I?


*Come on Twilight, you have to recognize that!


*So you just obey whatever comes through a loud speaker?

Obey by DallasBlack

*Nothing but clear skies ahead! However, I sense it will still be a bumpy ride.

Clear by DallasBlack

*What a dork!


*You soon won't be the only thing flying.

Flying by DallasBlack

*She's a good wife, helping her husband save face... and keep his lunch down.

Face by DallasBlack

*Also where failed flyers are grinded into spectra to make rainbows.

Also by DallasBlack

*Because, to borrow a lame joke you've used recently, you're the... mane attraction.


*Smile for your fans! Or perhaps crazy stalkers.

Fans by DallasBlack

*To The Other Side!

Other by DallasBlack

*He said, "Where you and your brother were born"! I swear these ponies need to get their hearing checked.


*And how the hay would you know?! Oh wait, you ARE Twilight.

Know by DallasBlack

*That's funny! Her mom and dad are looking. You think they'd know where their children were born.

Her by DallasBlack Her2 by DallasBlack

*And of course that's all that matters.


*Eye Roll O'clock motherbuckers!!!!!

Eye Roll by DallasBlack

*Could the expression on that mare be any creepier? She looks like she's plotting against Batmare rather than admiring Twilight.

Mare by DallasBlack

*Just pretend that's an ocean breeze and you're on the sea, may make it a little less gross.

Breeze by DallasBlack

*So Twilight, how'd that spit taste?

Taste by DallasBlack

*Cadence, you never told us about that!


*No, but it's funny!

Funny by DallasBlack

*Mom and dad are quite the glory hogs!

Glory by DallasBlack

*Those are quite the hotties in the Twilight and Cadence shirts!

Hotties by DallasBlack

*So does that mean there is a gift shop?

Gift by DallasBlack

*The eyes are on you Twilight. Uncomfortable yet?

Eyes by DallasBlack

*That is damn scary!

Scary by DallasBlack

*It? You mean Pennywise? Not as scary as that cadence mask if you ask me.

Pennywise by DallasBlack

*Yo, I sure don't!

No by DallasBlack

* Him go that a way! *Bugs Bunny reference, politically correct Youtube doesn't have a video of it.

Him by DallasBlack

*And now you shall know the truth!


*Duh, I knew it from the first announcement!

Duh! by DallasBlack

*The announcements! Haven't you been paying attention?


*You don't know? You seriously don't know?!! Neither do I.

Don't by DallasBlack

*And being possessed by Hulk Hogan I see.

Hogan by DallasBlack

Hulk by DallasBlack

*You silly! Didn't you see what those two creepy mares were wearing?


*Oh, I see. Both of them. That explains the filly in the creepy Cadence mask. And the hot mares in the t-shirts.


*And the crowd goes wild!

Wild by DallasBlack

*I wonder how she feels about this?

Wonder by DallasBlack

*I don't think I want to ever experience something like that.

Experience by DallasBlack

*Their suite has become their panic room.

Panic by DallasBlack

*I don't think honesty is what he had in mind.

Honesty by DallasBlack

*The question I asked before has been answered, they didn't read it!


*Ponies with half a brain. Where the hell did Twilight get her intelligence from?!

Brain by DallasBlack

*That is the most aggressive guilt trip I've ever heard!

Guilt by DallasBlack

*I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love when she sighs!


*That mare has crossed the line from fan to stalker.

Stalker by DallasBlack

*I think Flurry Heart may have a problem with that.

Flurry by DallasBlack

*She'd make that Sacrifice for her family? Well isn't that... typical! Twilight always having to be Miss Goodytwoshoes and make herself the center of attention. How selfish! :D

Sacrifice by DallasBlack

*Yeah, what she said! I'm sure in baby language that was something.

Yeah by DallasBlack

*A deal and thanks to you, a broken hoof.

Hoof by DallasBlack

*You made the deal, can't back out now.


*Once again the crowd goes wild!

Once by DallasBlack

*Respectful?! Go back seven screenshots from here and tell me that was respectful.


*Star Treker?! Beam me up Scotty! Lol!


*Um, Twilight? I think you may be the prize.

Prize by DallasBlack

*Surprise, surprise, surprise!

Surprise! by DallasBlack

*So he gets to be an honorary member of the family. Aren't you glad you made the deal Twilight? :D

Honorary by DallasBlack

*Again the crowd goes wild!


*Look at that, she's ecstatic!

Look by DallasBlack

*Of course a pony named Star Treker would have to be acting like a total dweeb. Damn stereotypes!

Dweeb by DallasBlack

*I don't know why, perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but something tells me that guy might be nervous.

Nervous by DallasBlack

*Dude is Starstruck!

Starstruck by DallasBlack

Ironically, that song is actually about an obsessed fan who crosses the line.


*If that's not her dad, then it's creepy beyond belief!

DAd by DallasBlack

*Hey chuckles, I'm supposed to do that in my review.


*Since that was her dad before, that will have to settle as creepy beyond belief.

Belief by DallasBlack

*That was just too funny!


*19? I thought you'd be a little older than that.


*Here comes the creepy again! Lol!

Creepy Again by DallasBlack

*I guess he's never heard of personal space. Or he's just a close talker.

Personal by DallasBlack

*Just realized her father is the only one at the Bingo table without one hoof in the grave.


*Twilight's thinking, "Get away from me you creep." However, like the British, she's too polite to say so.

Creep by DallasBlack

*Do I smell shipping? No, no I don't.

Shipping by DallasBlack

*Wouldn't it be his luck to get sea sick on top of his air sickness?  Hope they have a good pool cleaner.


*Not the best thing you could have done Twilight.

Best by DallasBlack

*No, he's always been that shade of green. Just one of those things you don't notice when you've know somepony for a long time.

Green by DallasBlack

*Makes sense! Actually... no, not really.

Sense by DallasBlack

*So you can just move an object from a unicorn's magic aura and replace it with another? Since when?

Move by DallasBlack

*Nopony wants to race their mother. Think of the humiliation a loss like that would do!


*Seriously dude, back off!


*You know Twilight, nopony would blame you if you gave him a swift kick in the family jewels.

Jewels by DallasBlack

*You forget you're place creepy guy. Also, intentional physical contact with a female you don't know is NOT ok.

Place by DallasBlack

*Are you trying to embarrass your son?

Son by DallasBlack

*Poor guy, now he can't brag about getting Twilight wet.

WEt by DallasBlack

Ok, I deserved that.


*Trust me, you don't want to get a picture of that.

Picture by DallasBlack

*Yup, definitely trying to embarrass him.

Trying by DallasBlack

*Nice try Twilight, but you aren't getting off that easy.

Nice by DallasBlack

*Those are some solid abs!


*Not quite sure what he said, but they seem excited.

Not by DallasBlack

*Look what you got yourself into. Maybe cutting the trip short would have been a better idea.

Into by DallasBlack

*Flurry making a tower of baby, like in the bible! Oh wait, that was Tower of Babel. Which incidentally, is the language spoken by babies! Oh wait, that's babble. Forget all that. Move along, nothing to see here!

Tower by DallasBlack

*Uh, oh! I think she killed the white one.

Killed by DallasBlack

*If that's what passes for entertainment for them, who are you to judge Cadence?

Passes by DallasBlack

*Ok, so the white one is still Alive. I knew that, I was just joking... or was I?


*Oh no white baby, she ain't through with you!

Through by DallasBlack

*Saved by the candy princess.


*Um, what's with the hat? Playing it up for AppleSparkle shippers (if they exist, not sure about that one)? Hey, that's sounds like a great brand name for sparkling apple cider!!!!

Hat by DallasBlack

*Yeah, treating the other foals like toys!

Toys by DallasBlack

*She's covering it up, conspiracy!!!!

Covering by DallasBlack

*Face it Twilight, the creep is Stuck With You. Actually vice versa, but the song wouldn't work that way.

Stuck by DallasBlack

*And creepy close talker fans are the worst!

Close by DallasBlack

*Well, you might just have to.


*You don't seem to convincing Twilight.

Convincing by DallasBlack

*Yeah, because being a ruler is all about making everypony happy.


*Oh yes, it's all about you creepy loser isn't it?

All by DallasBlack

*And motherbuckers, it's Eye Roll O'clock once again!!!

And by DallasBlack

*Yeah, because making friends with a baby is a way to the top! Not really.

Baby by DallasBlack

*All right, now Flurry Heart's creeped out, 3 for 3!

Creeped by DallasBlack

*That look on her face is priceless! Lol!

Priceless by DallasBlack

*Oooooo, pretty! They put a lot of pretty animations in this season, but nothing compares to the movie. The animation is gorgeous! See it if you have the chance!

Pretty by DallasBlack

*He's Running Down A Dream (RIP Tom Petty) while she's stuck in a nightmare.

Dream by DallasBlack

*Well nice to see Iron Will is still keeping the goats gainfully employed!

Goats by DallasBlack

*Sorry, too late!

Late by DallasBlack

*Hey, her mother's mane looks like the ones you see on those cheaply Hasbro made plushies!

Hasbro by DallasBlack

*I wonder if she enjoyed it?

Enjoyed by DallasBlack

*You know, I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes.

Limb by DallasBlack

*Look on the bright side Twilight, at least you got to see the excitement on her face.


*Not a bad idea, but she won't have any of it. If you know your daughter well enough you know how OCD she is.

Idea by DallasBlack

*Twilight, you have always been a lousy liar.


*Well, Twilight is one for Long Term Suffering. Vacations are difficult.

Suffering by DallasBlack

*One thing I feel may be the nail in the coffin.


*Eh, the ship isn't that full, you should be done in no time!

Ship by DallasBlack

*See, only eleven ponies!

Eleven by DallasBlack

*Times two. Still not too bad.

Two by DallasBlack

*Uh oh, Nightfall! Better hurry up!

Nightfall by DallasBlack


Nerd!!!!! by DallasBlack

*It's the trifecta mother buckers! Eye Roll O'clock again!!!!

Trifecta by DallasBlack

*Technically you get to see it with your family. You see the stars and your family is right there, so it's not too... no, that sucks.

Family by DallasBlack

*Poor Twilight, she doesn't deserve that! Seriously, despite all my ribbing, I genuinely feel for her!

Poor by DallasBlack

*Oh honey, I'm so sorry. That is truly a sh*tty thing.

Honey by DallasBlack

*Rub it in why don't you, you bitch! :D

Rub by DallasBlack

*Turn him into a gelding, and he'll REALLY cry!

Gelding by DallasBlack

*You trying to say you aren't happy? That expression is kind of vague.

Aren't by DallasBlack

*I'd say the goat is pretty happy too.


*Silly goat, you don't eat the cup! Well, I guess a goat does.

Eat by DallasBlack

*You don't say!

Say by DallasBlack

*While I feel for her, she needs to realize, she made the decision to go through with everything and shouldn't take it out on her family.


*That's what you get for not respecting personal space!

Space by DallasBlack Space2 by DallasBlack Space3 by DallasBlack

*To be honest, she should have told him off a while ago.

Ago by DallasBlack

*You know what, I think after that outburst nopony there will ever get too close to you again. I mean ever!

Outburst by DallasBlack

*Once again, Cadence is going to be Twilight's voice of reason.

Reason by DallasBlack

*Yeah, screw your wants right?

Scrw by DallasBlack

*So you want to accomplish the impossible? Can't be done.

Impossible by DallasBlack

*Draw The Line? You mean like Aerosmith?


*Yeah, but she's older and has been a princess longer.

Longer by DallasBlack

*What'd I say? Voice of reason!

What'd by DallasBlack

*Actually, you don't own him a damn thing. With his complete disregard for you personal space, he deserved every bit of it.

Damn by DallasBlack

*Hope you learned your lesson kid.

Kid by DallasBlack

*You're a creepy, awkward, dorky, stalking sleezeball, but she apologizes for hurting you.


*Eh, more or less what I said.

More Or Less by DallasBlack

*Not really, he should have known he was standing too close.


*Twilight! Off the schedule! The end is nigh!!!

Off by DallasBlack Off2 by DallasBlack

*Let's face it, we're not going to be able to stop that ship.

Face It by DallasBlack

*Ice cream, perfect for your air sick brother!



See! by DallasBlack

*He's not amused. But she is!

Amused by DallasBlack

*And so is she!

So by DallasBlack

*They all are!

They by DallasBlack

*Yep, it has definitely set sail.

Sail by DallasBlack

*Since there hasn't been one all episode, I'm going to count it. Nose Boop O'clock motherbucers!!!!

Nose Boop by DallasBlack

*This has happened enough times this season, I have to add it. It's Derp O'clock motherbuckers!!!!

Derp O'clock by DallasBlack

*I guess you can say, if there is a way to make money, he has the... iron will!

Money by DallasBlack

*He may just make that an actual... poop deck!

Poop by DallasBlack

Come on, you were all thinking it, I just had the guts to say it!


*Way to go Twilight, upstage his sorry well toned ass! I mean that in a totally heterosexual way, really!


*Keep It In The Family!!!


*What is the deal with this show and giving perfectly attractive looking mares voices to make your ears bleed?

Show by DallasBlack

*That is why you ALWAYS read something before you sign it.


*Not his fault if you're too stupid to read contracts.

Fault by DallasBlack

*And thus he leaped to his death.

Death by DallasBlack

*Of course he had a parachute, I knew they wouldn't kill him off... or did I?

Course by DallasBlack

*As a certain mountain goat once said, Be Prepared!

Prepared by DallasBlack

*Sure, a cheap mock up is a perfect representation of a seldom seen phenomenon.

Cheap by DallasBlack

*Ok, I admit that's kind of cute.

Cute by DallasBlack

*I wouldn't say amazing, but it is a nice gesture.

Amazing by DallasBlack

*Thanks for reminding him, I'm sure he appreciates that.

Reminding by DallasBlack

*You're not air huuuurk?

Hurk by DallasBlack

*Good thing he keeps it down, I'd hate to be a pony below the airship if he actually let loose.


*Cute family hug!

Hug by DallasBlack

Well, what can I say? The episode was funny, sweet, and had some nice scenery. This was a good episode and wasn't tainted by the awesome movie like I thought it would. I really can't say much more about this episode, thoroughly enjoyable and made for a fun SoC. At least to make it, I never really know what most of you think about it. However, I hope you at least get some mild amusement from it. Though if the series goes on much longer, I don't know if I'll continue these reviews. They do take a lot of time. However, I haven't made any decision on that right now, I fully intend going through the rest of this season and I'll figure it out from there. I hear the episodes have leaked so I may be able to get through the season sooner than later. I hope to go to Nightmare Nights, a brony convention here in Dallas, TX for the Sunday leg of it which takes place the day after the last episode (s) of this season so the sooner I get my reviews done, the better. I've missed it several times and this year and would have probably tried to go to next year's, but this is sadly the last day. One of the artists I watch is going to be there so I want to at least meet somebrony (see what I did there) in the fandom in person before it's too late as I don't know of any other cons in this area other than that one. Anyways, back to the episode. I'm comfortable in giving this 4.5/5 or 9/10 as I feel it was a strong episode. As always here are the bonus screenshots (with some, IMO, hilariously perverted jokes) and a gorgeous parting shot:

Untitled00 by DallasBlack
"Does madam require another quill?"

Untitled01 by DallasBlack
"Sorry, couldn't hold that one in."

Untitled02 by DallasBlack
"Damn Spike is one sexy baby dragon!"

Untitled03 by DallasBlack
"When I get my husband alone, we will finally join the mile high club!"

Untitled04 by DallasBlack
"I wonder if mom will finally induct dad in the mile high club?"

Untitled05 by DallasBlack
"Sadly with Flurry, I know who WON'T be joining."

Untitled06 by DallasBlack
"Attention passengers, the mile high orgy has been rescheduled for tomorrow!!!!"

Untitled07 by DallasBlack
"Please tell me I didn't just hear that!"

Untitled08 by DallasBlack
"It's ok sweetie, mile high orgies are commonplace on airships."

Untitled09 by DallasBlack
"Too bad it was cancelled, I was really looking forward to it."

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"I promise folks, this pervert won't do another mile high club joke. I have incriminating evidence against him. That's all I will say."

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
"Cadence, does this curise seem a bit... creepy to you?"

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
"I totally ship me with you!"

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
"Um, that's beyond disturbing and TOTALLY innapropriate."

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
"Look Cadence, we're on t-shirts!!!" "I know! We finally made the big time Twilight!!!!"

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"Oh my Celestia, those shirts just talked!!!!!!"

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
"Would you like to swing on a star?! Carry moonbeams home in a jar! And be better off than you are! Or would you rather be a Princess! A princess is an Alicorn that..."

Untitled17 by DallasBlack
*whispers* "I LOVE YOU!!!!!"
Untitled18 by DallasBlack
Shining Armor just saw all the clop pics of him and Twilight.

Untitled19 by DallasBlack
"She smells like she's in heat."

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"Um, you know you said that out loud you creepy freak."

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"I don't know what you are talking about. All I said was you tail smelled sweet. Like you use a great shampoo."

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
"Ha son! In your face!!!!"

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"Did my baby just kill that white foal? He's not moving."

Untitled24 by DallasBlack
"I swear, I will turn this creep into a gelding if he doesn't cut this out."

Untitled25 by DallasBlack
"We'll just tell everypony it was an accident. Right sis in law?"

Untitled26 by DallasBlack
"Dammit, just like in the fandom, my baby is more popular than me."

Untitled27 by DallasBlack
"That was so orgasmic!"

Untitled28 by DallasBlack
"It was better than any sex I EVER had with your 'inadequate in bed' father!!!"

Untitled29 by DallasBlack
"That's a funny joke dear, I love when you play around like that!"

Untitled30 by DallasBlack
"Oh, how cute! He thought I was joking!"

Untitled31 by DallasBlack
"Don't look now, I think the little guy has a boner for you."

Untitled32 by DallasBlack
"The fact that I can resist sticking this someplace uncomfortable in him should make me a saint."

Untitled33 by DallasBlack
"Everypony knows Chrysilis is the real one who impregnated Cadence!!!"

Untitled34 by DallasBlack
"I mean look how powerful that baby is, it's not natural!!!!"

Untitled35 by DallasBlack
"Poor girl, she really screwed this one up."

Untitled36 by DallasBlack
"I told you that Chrysalis thing in private. I love you but you will pay for that eventually."

Untitled37 by DallasBlack
"Are you saying you are attracted to me. Because that's what I'm going to read into it."

Untitled38 by DallasBlack
"I want to personally apologize for this pervert's crazy, sick, dark, completely inappropriate potty humor. Sure it's funny... VERY funny. However, there is no excuse for it in a review for a kid's show. Thank you and goodnight."

Twilight's comments do not reflect the comments by this reviewer though I do think there were some pretty funny ones. I do it all in fun and with no malice intended. If you don't like them, get a sense of humor! :D Here is a very lovely parting shot, catch you all later!

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

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SoC: Marks And Recreation

Sun Oct 1, 2017, 1:24 PM

Don't know how to do an intro for the episode yet again. Mainly because it's a pun on a TV show I never watched. So how about I find MLP puns to fit TV shows (and movies because I will have a hard time finding enough TV shows):


Only Foals And Horses: Only Fools And Horses (Britcom)

Buck My Dad Says: &%@* My Dad Says

Sleepless In The Saddle: Sleepless In Seattle

Only Foals Rush In: Only Fools Rush In

The Gait: The Gate

Runaway Bridle: Runaway Bride

Night Cart: Night Court

Children Of The Dam: Children Of The Damned

Some Like It Trot: Some Like It Hot

Sire Sire: Liar Liar


Ok, with that out of the way I'm about ready for the new episode which I understand is a CMC episode. As a CMC fan their episodes usually are good ones to me so it will be interesting to see how well this one works. So let's just jump into my SoC of Marks And Relaxation!


*We open up with some cute little filly trying to smoke a cigar it seems.

Cigar by DallasBlack

*Ya hungry?

Hungry by DallasBlack

*Oh, ok, she's painting! Of course she is, I was just joking... or was I?


*And she wasn't hungry, that is her Still Life model.

Stilllife by DallasBlack

*Wow! It's subtle in it's simplicity. The broad brush strokes and the bold color catch the eye. It's abstract appearance so different from it's source material speaks volumes. The unconnected circle speaks of the fabric of our lives where the journey seems to circle back around but never touching the past. She must be an abstract artist of impeccable genius! Or just a dumb kid who has no idea how to draw so she just splattered some paint on there so it wouldn't just be blank.

Genius by DallasBlack

*They are speechless, wonder if they saw the genius in that piece?

Speechless by DallasBlack

*Extenuate the positive even if it's absolute crap. Best way to spare the poor girl's feelings.


*Good for you! Want a cookie?

Cookie by DallasBlack

*In other words, time to try something you might actually do well.


*And I'm sure there's a market for it. Plenty of brain damaged people who would enjoy your "art".

Market by DallasBlack

*Something less worthless!

Worthless by DallasBlack

*Because life's a journey, not a destination. Nothing profound on my part, I took that from an Aerosmith song.

Journey by DallasBlack

*There goes the happiest little filly to suck at something she likes.


*A workshop for blank flanks I see.