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Michel Newcomb
United States
Born and raised in Texas since 1979. Cartoon enthusiast since childhood. Drawing fan since then too, though never learned any techniques, too interesting in drawing than learning how to. Wrestling fan since 1990. Heavy metal hard rock fan since 1991. Tried twice to learn guitar but gave up each time (I'm just too lazy and impatient to learn things like that -same problem I had with drawing). Bullied but survived middle school. Wrestled in High School. Signed up for the US Navy in senior year. Graduated in 1998. Went into the the Navy in 1999. Became a Christian while in the navy. Left navy in 2003. Went to community college in same year, graduated in 2005. Went to University Of North Texas, did one semester then dropped out. Best friend and brother by choice passed away in 2005. Became a fan of furry art in 2006, eventually being comfortable with the furry tag despite the negative stereotype from the yiff crowd. Went to automotive school in 2009. Failed in automotive career. Became a fan of MLP art in 2010 but refused to watch the show or accept the Brony tag. Went through various warehouse jobs until going into trucking school. Drove a truck for a while, but like the auto career, I screwed it up. Went into a depression and finally watched MLP. Fell in love with the show which helped me through those dark times. Now despite the negative stereotypes from the cloppers, I accept the Brony tag. Started my career at Amazon, hope things improve from there.

Used to have dreams of being a pro wrestler but genetics worked against me. Used to have dreams of singing in a metal band, but I barely have any social friends so have realized my dreams have to be set aside for reality. I still fantasize about how all those things could have happened, but not so much that I lose sight of reality. Once I can summon up the courage, I’ll start going to and singing at kareokee (sic) bars-don't like going to places like that by myself. Really don't know where I'm going and find it best to just concentrate on today. Praise God! Metal forever! Art forever!

I know my watchers are few in numbers, but what the hay: I was watching Family Appriciation Day and remembered how adorable Bunny Bloom was and I collected some screenshots so I could draw one of them. Which should I draw? BTW, I will not be drawing Tiara 

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SoC: A Flurry Of Emotions

Sun Apr 23, 2017, 12:27 PM

It's Saturday and that always means several things:


            1-A night of drinking.

            2-Yard Work

            3-First day off of the week for many people (sadly not me).

            4-Garage/yard sales.

            5-People going on dates.

            7-Various sporting events (again, sadly not me).

            8-Kids playing in the neighborhood (or if they live in certain major U.S. cities, dodging bullets).


And various other things. Of course for us (depending when the season is scheduled) it means another episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Which will include my SoC review which will be seen on Sunday. After a season premiere of two stand-alone episodes, we have one regular episode. Judging from the title and the thumbnail of the Youtube video I will be using, we will see little Princess Flurry Heart. Depending on who you ask is either the most adorable thing in the show or an abomination of epic proportions created just to sell toys (BTW, in order to get her you have to purchase mommy and daddy as well). Get ready for A Flurry Of Emotions:


*Well looky here! Yet another episode that opens with a shot of Friendship Castle.

Castle by DallasBlack

*Sweet! One of my all time favorite background ponies, Nurse Redheart! She had a triumphant return last year but this time she has a speaking part.

Sweet! by DallasBlack

*What the what what? Horsie Hives?! The names they come up with for this show.

Horsie Hives by DallasBlack

*Oh stop it Cheerilee, you chose to be a mentor to snot nosed virus vessels. Deal with it! Also, why is that one filly happy with being sick?

Happy by DallasBlack

*Read them books and give them gifts... probably books.

Books by DallasBlack

*No Spike, you don't have psychic powers, it's just a coincidence.

Psychic Powers by DallasBlack

*Someponies are in desperate need of a rest.

Rest by DallasBlack

*Not all surprises are something to be happy about. Especially a visit from parents who are obviously desperate for some patsy to take their trouble(s) off their hooves at least for a little while.

Surprise by DallasBlack

*"Silly filly, I'm your only niece!"

Silly by DallasBlack

*Oh wow, she's actually able to talk now! Oh wait, that's Shinning.

Talk by DallasBlack

*See, I told you they were setting her up as a patsy!

See by DallasBlack

*Shut up slave!

Slave by DallasBlack

*She is certainly the perfect patsy.

Patsy by DallasBlack

*Obviously Spike wants to do anything other than babysit a magic monster that obviously has drained her parents.

Babysit by DallasBlack

*Ain't it cute! Of course it won't take long before the cuteness gives way to anguish.

Cute! by DallasBlack

*Only try that with a child, adults don't take too kindly to that kind of thing.

Child by DallasBlack

*Is she a filly or a doggy?

Doggy by DallasBlack

*You're going to bury the baby. Some greatest aunt you are!

Bury by DallasBlack

*Great, you just killed their only child! Don't think they'll ask YOU to babysit again;

Killed by DallasBlack

*Ok, it looks like a Stay Of Execution.

Stay by DallasBlack


*If she doesn't grow into her wings, she could charter flights. Not only would she be the first alicorn born in Equestria but the first commercial airline as well!

Wings by DallasBlack

*SOME shopping? Looks like you bought the whole store!

Some by DallasBlack

*That look says, "Great, you're going to spoil her and now she'll expect gifts all the time!"

Spoil by DallasBlack

*How do you know? Do you know every aunt in the whole of Equestria? Heck, you don't know anypony who is an aunt!

How Do You Know by DallasBlack

*Shouldn't keep a male and female in the same box together, you could end up with a smaller teddy bear.

Male-Female by DallasBlack

*Cute bear impression!

Bear by DallasBlack

*Ha ha ha! Babies are so stupid, they entertain themselves! Kidding people, it's just a joke.

Babies by DallasBlack

*Oh wait, I thought they were ducks!

Ducks by DallasBlack

*Man, that is one talented teddy bear!

Talented by DallasBlack

*Flurry Heart must be on drugs, her pupils are dilated!

Drugs by DallasBlack

*Oh, nevermind. She's just excited and enjoying her aunt's magic show.

Nevermind by DallasBlack

*Good thing those teddy bears aren't alive, that could cause brain damage.

Alive by DallasBlack

*Methinks the fact that she can't make it dance like her auntie Twiliy is going to set her off.

Can't Make It Dance by DallasBlack

*It's a spinaroonie!

Spinaroonie! by DallasBlack


*Poor thing is taking quite the beating!

Beating by DallasBlack

*Twilight, you are such a show off!

Show Off by DallasBlack

*Hey, looks like she may be getting better.

Better by DallasBlack

*Nope, she's still beating that thing to death.

Death by DallasBlack

*Which one's the child here? Twilight is just a big kid.

Which by DallasBlack

*BTW, she eats the peas and wears the diapers.

Peas-Diapers by DallasBlack

*So basically, she is a poop machine.

Poop Machine by DallasBlack

*Pretty much supply and demand then.

Supply-Demand by DallasBlack

*Yep, he's lost it.

Lost It by DallasBlack

*Twilight has her castle but now Spike has a fortress.

Fortress by DallasBlack

*A stuffed bunny slug is the most important thing?

Bunny Slug by DallasBlack

*Her what?

Her What by DallasBlack

*You are the smart one Spike.

Smart by DallasBlack

*Either it won't work or something will happen to it.

Won't Work by DallasBlack

*Yeah, she's got it. Sooo, Twilight will babysit Flurry, but who will babysit Twilight?

Twilight by DallasBlack

*A horse riding a horse?! The laws of nature have been subverted! Runaway!!!!

Runaway by DallasBlack

*By the looks on their faces I'm going to take a guess and say.... no. Also, how does one get the name Spearhead? With how ponies get their names usually either he has a deformed head or was born with a spear imbedded in his head.

No by DallasBlack

*In other words, the pop-up art show (pop up-art, is that a thing?) was the perfect excuse to go to Ponyville and pass off their daughter to Twilight, the perfect patsy.

Excuse by DallasBlack

*The day is always the night for somepony Spike. Stop being insensitive to those who work the night shift you damn day worker!

Day-Night by DallasBlack

*It's what you said and I'm pretty sure it's what you meant. It's going to be a looong night for Twilight.

Meant by DallasBlack

*Spike is shaking his head no while Twilight is shaking her head yes, so which is it?

Shaking by DallasBlack

*Watch how you address you princess slave!

Watch by DallasBlack

*I know that look! It' the look that says, "I have an idea on how to take care of both things!" Which always works out soooo well in shows and movies

The Look by DallasBlack

*Face it Spike, you're running Against The Wind on this one.

Against The Wind by DallasBlack


*The parents are leaving. As they say, when the cat is away, the mouse becomes a huge annoyance and cranky fusspot... or something like that.

Leaving by DallasBlack

*Bossy little thing. I'd hate to see how bad of a teenager she'd turn out to be!

Bossy by DallasBlack

*"You ain't goin' no wears toots! We's playing wit da bears!!!!"

Play by DallasBlack

*I know she's grinning, but the poor quality of the picture makes it look like Flurry has a bad overbite.

Grinning by DallasBlack

*Flurry is playing Twilight like a fiddle.

Fiddle by DallasBlack

*No, but do you think it's really going to matter?

Matter by DallasBlack

*And they're off!!!

Off by DallasBlack

*Hey Spike, why don't you watch where that teddy bear's going?!

Going by DallasBlack

*You've got it all right, a funny expression. However, probably not Spike's point.

Got It by DallasBlack

*I can already hear her crying now!

Crying by DallasBlack

*Awwwwwww! Ain't she adorable when she's scared!!!!!

Scared by DallasBlack

*From the makers of Bubble Boy, It's Bubble Girl!

Bubble Girl by DallasBlack

*That will either calm her or scare her even more.

More by DallasBlack

*Guess it was the former.

Former by DallasBlack

*Gotta admit, she is quite adorable everytime we see her (though this is one of three episodes we've seen her in).

Adorable by DallasBlack

*Yeah, it's not like her mother is an alicorn or related to Celestia or anything like that.

Mother by DallasBlack

*Advanced spell, but she still needs to work on that advanced winking.

Advanced by DallasBlack

*Uh oh, those lines on her belly either means she's hungry or ready for the supply side.

Uh-Oh by DallasBlack

*Usually at this point in a TV show, the baby is about to refuse the food or spit the food back in the feeders face. Lets see if this goes there.

Spit by DallasBlack

*Oh yeah, it's her favorite. Mom and dad you are LIARS!!!!!!

Favorite by DallasBlack

*An option I didn't consider, flick it on the feeder. Normally babies in TV shows aren't unicorns and don't have the ability to do so. I can be forgiven for missing that.

Flick It by DallasBlack

*Luckily, she had bad aim.

Bad Aim by DallasBlack

*Spike isn't saying that you didn't do a good job, but he's thinking it.

Good Job by DallasBlack

*Must be modern art, I don't think they quite get it.

Get It by DallasBlack
Get It2 by DallasBlack

*Maybe I'm wrong.

Wrong by DallasBlack

*But I'm not.

Not by DallasBlack

*Nope, it's modern. IMO both.

Modern by DallasBlack

*You're both unicorns (yes Cadence is Alicorn but she has magic), how bad can changing a diaper be?! If you were earth ponies, I'd understand. They have to use their teeth!

Unicorns by DallasBlack

*You sound way too manly to be wearing a scarf like that.

Scarf by DallasBlack

Chris Jericho New Raw 2016 Png By Ambriegnsasylum1 by DallasBlack
What is it Chris, why are yo looking at me like that?


*Very convincing. :stare: 

Very by DallasBlack

*That reminds me of a Red Dwarf joke.

Joke by DallasBlack

Joke is at 1:33


*I don't mean to offend anyone here, but most modern art to me is trash.

Trash by DallasBlack

*Um, anypony with half a brain?

Brain by DallasBlack

*So if I hear voices in my head, does that make me artistic?

Artistic by DallasBlack

*Favorite piece? Of what? I have an idea.

Favorite Piece by DallasBlack

*Walk away you two, walk away.

Walk Away by DallasBlack

*Been waiting for this. It's eye roll o'clock mother buckers!!!!!

Eye Roll by DallasBlack

*Hey, her aims gotten better!

Gotten Better by DallasBlack

*They didn't mean for eating. Ha ha ha!!!

Eating by DallasBlack



*She agrees with me. That was funny!

Agrees by DallasBlack

*I love the way it silhouettes Spike and Twilight! Ha ha ha!!!!

Silhouettes by DallasBlack


*She's reloading!

Reloading by DallasBlack

*Yeah, for you. Spike has half his face covered!

For You by DallasBlack

*Twilight's smile disappearing in 3-2-1...

Smile by DallasBlack

*Fillies and gentlecolts, we have lift off!

Lift Off by DallasBlack

*It wasn't too bad before but how about now?

Now by DallasBlack

*It's official, monkeys do live in the pony world! Why else would their be stuffed ones?

Monkeys by DallasBlack

*Through with toy shopping quickly? With a child?! I thought you were smart Twilight.

Toy Shopping by DallasBlack

*Oh no, she wants to play some more.

Wants To Play by DallasBlack

*This list must be obeyed Twilight.

List by DallasBlack

*Eh, I doubt it.

Doubt It by DallasBlack

*Some 8 bit midi file music would work here.

8 Bit by DallasBlack

*Careful Twilight, you're going to peel her face off if you don't slow down.

Peel by DallasBlack

*Best aunt ever, you might want to look behind you at Flurry's face.

Behind by DallasBlack

*I think the waterworks are about to be turned on.

Waterworks by DallasBlack

*Actually waterworks would have been better. This is worse.

Worse by DallasBlack

*There she goes!

Goes by DallasBlack

*Little missy is Hell On Wheels!

Hell On Wheels by DallasBlack


*A new Equestria pastime, baby bowling!

Baby Bowling by DallasBlack

*And it's a strike! Also first Lyra and Bon Bon of the season!

Strike by DallasBlack

*Um, no Spike, it's a baby. Why you so stupid?

Baby by DallasBlack

*Wonder if she's any relation to Maud, that expression is quite similar. Anyway, she's right. I was about to point out that it was originally organized, that's just a clumpy mess.

Maud by DallasBlack

*I think she may want to kill him right now for bursting her bubble.

Kill Him by DallasBlack

*Yeah, but they're all educational. She wants to entertain the children, not bore them to death. I'm actually surprised she realizes how boring others would find "educational" stuff. The old Twilight wouldn't see that.

Bore by DallasBlack

*She's starting to get fussy. Wasn't there something that was supposed to help with that? Some kind of stuffed animal maybe?

Fussy by DallasBlack

*Gee, I forgot alllll about that!

Gee by DallasBlack


Dawwwww!!!!! by DallasBlack

*I know it rhymes, but fables AND stables? Kind of pointless to throw in the other word since it has nothing to do with stories.

Stabbles by DallasBlack

*A rip off of Cowboys and Aliens perhaps?

Cowboys And Aliens by DallasBlack

*That's why they call it Science FICTION dumbass!

Fiction by DallasBlack

*So he's a halitosis hero?

Hero by DallasBlack

*Uh ho, the stuffed slug isn't working anymore. Something is about to hit the fan and it sounds like "the shift".

Anymore by DallasBlack

*Ok, she's just going to solve some math problems.

Math by DallasBlack
Math2 by DallasBlack

*You'll take it, but will you able to take it? And by that I mean whatever Flurry ends up doing.

Take It by DallasBlack

*That look can't mean anything good.

Good by DallasBlack

* Neither can that look.

Niether by DallasBlack

*Actually for a baby, that's quite impressive! Also, why do I have a feeling she's going to ruing Spearhead's "art" later? It is done on a blackboard after all.

Impressive! by DallasBlack

*Way to crush the dreams of a young aspiring artist!

Crush by DallasBlack

*That's what you get with Twilight's help. No help whatsoever. Also, see what I mean about earth ponies.

Helping by DallasBlack

*I'm sorry, but if you can create something in less than 3-5 minutes, it's not really art. Especially gallery worthy.

Not Art by DallasBlack

*See, whether with your baby or without, you are still surrounded by crap.

Crap by DallasBlack

*"That's why babies are so cute, so you don't kill them."-Gallagher

Cute by DallasBlack

*Not looking or creating "art" like that you won't.

Score by DallasBlack

*Cancel? No no no no no. Twilight does NOT cancel!

Cancel by DallasBlack

*Still ain't buying it. Too many aunts out there for that to be even remotely possible.

Buying It by DallasBlack

*Three babies, one with flight, one with magic, AND one with both?! How can there be nothing BUT trouble?!!!

Three Babies by DallasBlack

*Also, it will be quite a contrast with two baby twins (older than Flurry, not an insignificant detail BTW) who don't have whites in their eyes, with one that does. Also shouldn't Pumpkin and Pound be several years older?


*They don't like the look in (of) your eyes.

Eyes by DallasBlack

*But they got over it quickly.

Quickly by DallasBlack

*Well, you have been wrong in the past.

In The Past by DallasBlack

*You sound like Pinkie talking to Pinkie like that. Are you mocking her?

Mocking by DallasBlack

*Drop by and visit sometime!

Drop by DallasBlack

Been waiting to use that.


*Such a cute giggle Twilight has!

Giggle by DallasBlack

*Wouldn't that splatter frosting everywhere?

Frosting by DallasBlack

*Perfect match!

Perfect Match by DallasBlack

*Must be the calm before the storm.

Calm by DallasBlack

*Yup, because a storm is brewing.

Brewing1 by DallasBlack Brewing2 by DallasBlack Brewing3 by DallasBlack
Brewing4 by DallasBlack Brewing5 by DallasBlack Brewing 6 by DallasBlack Brewing7 by DallasBlack

*Spike, I think Flurry's trying to get your Attention.

Attention by DallasBlack
Attention2 by DallasBlack

*Well Plan A failed Flurry. What's your plan B.

Plan A by DallasBlack

*Plan C?

Plan C by DallasBlack

*Twin Powers activate!!!

Twin Powers by DallasBlack

*Since she's just a baby, I'll forgo stronger language: "Oh spit!"

Oh, Spit! by DallasBlack
Oh, Spit!2 by DallasBlack

*Hey don't waste delicious pastries like that!!!! Give them to me!!!!!!!!!!!

Me by DallasBlack

*"Boing!" Of course a waste of pastries would freak Pinkie out too!

Boing! by DallasBlack

*Look familiar Twilight?

Familiar by DallasBlack

*Bingo Twilight! Got it in one!

Bingo! by DallasBlack

*Oh those little turds! Acting all innocent and now Flurry's going to get all the blame!

Turds by DallasBlack

*She's actually innocent this time, and soooooo adorable!

Innocent by DallasBlack

*Too Late!

Too Late by DallasBlack


*Never, I mean NEVER say it can't be worse!

Never Say by DallasBlack

*Good catch little one!

Catch by DallasBlack

*You know how OCD she is Spike, you should have seen this coming! Even 30 seconds late would cause her to panic.

Ocd by DallasBlack

*Wait a minute! You don't expose a baby to sick children, they catch EVERYTHING!

Wait A Minute! by DallasBlack

*Flurry's getting a might bit antsy. This could mean disaster.

Antsy by DallasBlack
Antsy2 by DallasBlack

*Run for cover, she's gonna blow!!!!!!!!!1

Blow by DallasBlack


Kabooooooom!!!!!!!! by DallasBlack

*Wait a minute! Didn't I predict this? Let me check above.... Eyup!!!!

Predict by DallasBlack

*She can't find it so I wonder what will happen? I won't even predict it, I'll just wait and see.

Can't by DallasBlack

*I'm just going to document the funny places she looks for it in.

Funny by DallasBlack
Funny2 by DallasBlack

*Flurry is causing quite a mess!


*Of course, Twilight is too amassed in a book to notice she's being levitated.

Amassed by DallasBlack

*Wait for it...

Wait For It... by DallasBlack

*There you go!

There You Go by DallasBlack

*They all float!

They All Float by DallasBlack

0a77453b528d0f1bade3d484df3c1f9c by DallasBlack

*Until she finds her toy, it ain't happeing. At least while trying to be nice. It's not easy but sometimes you have to raise your voice to get results with a child. Can't always be their friend.

Toy by DallasBlack

*When people want to die in bed, this isn't what they mean.

Die In Bed by DallasBlack

*I'm sure they'd all believe you if they weren't all suspended in the air.

Suspended by DallasBlack

*See Nurse Redheart, this is what you get when you ask for Twilight's help.

Help by DallasBlack

*There you go Twilight, it's time to stop being her friend and start being the temporary guardian your brother and Cadence wanted you to be!

There You Go! by DallasBlack

*Ok, everypony is safe and down on the ground, it's time to dial it back a bit. She still is a baby after all.

Dial It Back by DallasBlack

*Don't think it's going to work This Time.

This Time by DallasBlack

*Yeah, so much for that... What?! She said it not me!

So Much by DallasBlack


Awwwww!!!!! by DallasBlack

*Was that a kiss or a honk?!

Kiss Or Honk by DallasBlack

*Lucy!!! You have some splaining to do!

Lucy by DallasBlack

*Yeah, that may be in order.

Order by DallasBlack

*No, you see, it's the baby that should be crying being separated from the parents. You've got it backwards!

Cry by DallasBlack

*Crap! You've inspired him to create more garbage!!!!

Crap! by DallasBlack

*She's gone!!!! Oh wait, there she is!

She's Gone! by DallasBlack

*Together Again

Together Again by DallasBlack

Surprise! It's not a rock song!


*Spike has earned a lifetime of "told ya so" with this one.

Told Ya So by DallasBlack

*No, you shouldn't have tricked her into giving you some time off. A bit of a difference there.

No, by DallasBlack

*I think you just broke her.

Broke Her by DallasBlack

*That's what you should have done in the first place. Leave it to Spike and stay with flurry.

Should by DallasBlack
Should2 by DallasBlack

Well that was a sweet and entertaining episode. The more I see Flurry, the more I like her. She is quite the adorable one when you get past her design and the sounds are added. Nothing deep for me to analyze this time. I used a lot of screenshots, probably because I'm too tired to whittle them down and I made references for just about every few seconds. I'm so tired when I get off of work on Saturday that it's hard to concentrate so instead of focusing on more important points, I comment on everything so hopefully this is still enjoyable and not too tedious. I could wait until Sunday morning but Youtube has a nasty habit of removing episodes if you don't catch them within 24 hours, plus, I need Sunday to put the journal together. Maybe I should just have more energy drinks. At this point I'm so tired I'm in danger of babbling on and on. What will follow is the bonus shots and the parting shot as is customary with these:


Untitled0 by DallasBlack
No shipping jokes, she's a baby for crying out loud!!!

Untitled1 by DallasBlack
"You really gotta try out this weed Twiliy!"

Untitled2 by DallasBlack
"Weed, shipping, death... You do realize this is a kid' show, right?"

Untitled3 by DallasBlack
"Why did you have to use so much floor wax?!"

Untitled4 by DallasBlack
"Hey Flurry! Isn't this un-BEARABLY cute?!"

Untitled5 by DallasBlack
"That is the worst pun in the history of puns."

Untitled6 by DallasBlack
I tried to avoid this kind of humor because the episode involves a baby, but I can think of nothing else for this pic: "It's rape time!"

Untitled7 by DallasBlack
"Up, up, and AWAY!!!!!"

Untitled8 by DallasBlack
"Don't look at me like that, we're desperate and Twilight isn't exactly unwilling."

Untitled9 by DallasBlack
"Awww how adorable! She's devouring me piece by piece!"

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"You made mommy and daddy disappear! I'm gonna KILL you!!!!!"

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
"Something tells me I shoulda stayed in bed!"

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
Damn things possessed!

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
"I was just being silly and you are NOT funny."

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
"Come on, don't you trust me?"

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"Is this really worth a day without changing diapers? Either way we're surrounded by crap."

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
"Ménage à trois!!!!

Untitled17 by DallasBlack"Reminds me of what happens when I eat Cadence's cooking."

Untitled18 by DallasBlack
Awwww!!! That's just too sad!

Untitled19 by DallasBlack
Hasbro has finally released it's first Flurry plushie!

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"How could I be considered a baby dragon when I'm the most mature character in this episode?"

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"Gross Spike! Couldn't you have left the room for that!"

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
"I just have a little bit of paperwork for you to sign."

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"The things I put up with."

Untitled24 by DallasBlack
"Why are you guys looking at me like that? Hey, it worked with King Solomon!"

Untitled25 by DallasBlack
"I don't know why, but I'm blaming you for this Pinkie."

Untitled26 by DallasBlack
Grab a Twilight by her tail...

Untitled27 by DallasBlack
"Who's a little gwumpy fwumpy wumpy!"

Untitled28 by DallasBlack
Looks like Flurry got herself into Willy Wonkas candy.

Untitled29 by DallasBlack
"I'm going to take your temperature. No, not that end!"

Untitled30 by DallasBlack
"I feel for you, that is the WORST way to get your temperature taken."

Untitled31 by DallasBlack
"You big dumb meanie!"

Untitled32 by DallasBlack
"She got a glimpse of the fandom. She's too young for that kind of trauma!"

Untitled33 by DallasBlack
"I'm wearing a big pink scarf, and that's the most pathetic thing in this room."

Untitled34 by DallasBlack
"Whatcha gonna do, when Spikeamania runs wild on you!!!"

I struggled with some of these so there may be quite a few duds here but hopefully some made you guys smile. Now for the parting shot, the saddest cake I've ever seen. Literally!:

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

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Just A Joke
Using a screenshot from the season 7 opener, I've created another demotivational poster. I follow quite a few artists that do pornographic fanart on their TUMBLRs and occasionally give a censored teaser on DA. When I captured the screenshot for my review, it was just screaming for this parody of their work. It's just a joke not to be taken seriously by artists that do this kind of thing or those who are against such things.

SoC: All Bottled Up

Sun Apr 16, 2017, 3:36 PM

Now it is time for my Stream Of Conscience review of the second episode of MLP for the seventh season. Since I made my intro in the last one, I'm just going to jump into the next episode. Also, as I am typing this, I am many hours past my bedtime and these things take so damn long to make. By the time you are reading this it will be the next day because I only have time to set these up and will have to put them in journal form after some good sleep. Well, from the thumbnails, it looks like something is possessing the citizens of Ponyville. It will be interesting to find out. So here is All Bottled Up:


*We open up with the Castle Of Friendship.

Castle by DallasBlack

*Here we have Starlight baking something, while Trixie is practicing her magic.

Here by DallasBlack

*She's having a bit of a hard time.

Hard Time by DallasBlack

*She's so cute when she's angry!

Cute by DallasBlack

*Probably because you suck at magic.... What?! She does!

Suck by DallasBlack

*Or maybe it's that.

That by DallasBlack

*She did it! And the crowd goes wild!

Did It by DallasBlack


*She's so cute being happy like that!

Happy by DallasBlack

*DAWWW!!!!! Squeezing her BFF like her BFF is squeezing the frosting tube!

Squeeze by DallasBlack

*Waaaaaaay too damn cute being happy like that!

Too Damn by DallasBlack

*Squeezing a little too hard it seems.

Too Hard by DallasBlack

*I'm afraid you've created a tea cup making monster Starlight.

Monster by DallasBlack

*Yeah, I'd say I'm right.

Right by DallasBlack
Right2 by DallasBlack
Right3 by DallasBlack

*Ok, that's too much.

Too Much by DallasBlack



*Ok, ok. Tea cup poodle, I get it.

Poodle by DallasBlack

*Yeah, we kind of got that.

Got That by DallasBlack

*Why that's a court martial offence! Somepony call Celestia's guards, Trixie must be punished for her crimes!!!!

Offence by DallasBlack

*Yeah Imagine That. A unicorn using magic.

Imagine That by DallasBlack


*Impressed, no. Pissed off, indubitably!

Pissed1 by DallasBlack
Pissed2 by DallasBlack
Pissed3 by DallasBlack

*Yeah, that was too funny for her to stay mad for long.

Too Funny by DallasBlack

*That's what she's afraid of.

Afraid Of by DallasBlack

*You've got to be kidding Trixie. That is store bought and not very thoughtful. It's totally you girl!

Kidding by DallasBlack

*Oh sh*t, that ain't good!

Oh Shit by DallasBlack

*Strange seeing Trixie among them. Maybe they will finally flesh out her character better.

Strange by DallasBlack

*Trixie is proud of that while Starlight remains modest.

Proud-Modest by DallasBlack

*Yeah, she sucks. But she is trying, you gotta give her that!

Sucks by DallasBlack

*No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! A thousand times NO!!!!

No by DallasBlack

*That is what we call, nervous laughter.  

Nervous by DallasBlack

*At least she realizes that was a major faux pa.

Faux Pa by DallasBlack

*Exactly what it sounds like. A getaway for friends.

Exactly by DallasBlack

*Hopefully not in this episode.

Hopefully by DallasBlack

*Smooth Twilight, very smooth.

Smooth by DallasBlack

*Trixie thinks she was so clever with that, little does she know it's pissing her friend off to no end.

Clever by DallasBlack

*Trixie is not amused!

Not Amused by DallasBlack

*Ah, classic Trixie!

Classic by DallasBlack

*Then you're pretty much screwed.

Screwed by DallasBlack

*That explains the red storm cloud earlier. The more you get pissed off, the more violent your magic will get. As I said, not good.

Explains by DallasBlack

*Both ponies are at fault here. Trixie doesn't think before she speaks and Starlight really needs to keep her anger in check.

Both by DallasBlack

*Hey Spike, listen carefully because I'll only say it once.... RUN!!!!!!!

Run Spike by DallasBlack

*That's probably a good idea.

Good Idea by DallasBlack

*Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon "I shall call her... Mini Me!"

Mini by DallasBlack

*Now Starlight's not amused!

Not by DallasBlack

*No Rarity, I think your troubles are about to begin.

Troubles by DallasBlack

*Only Twilight would think that is a good idea.

Only by DallasBlack

*Welcome To Hell girls!

Welcome by DallasBlack

*Ah, the joyful attitude of a minimum wage job!

Minimum Wage by DallasBlack

*--phone rings-- Hello? What's that? You said you saw that coming a mile away?

Mile by DallasBlack

*Um, Rainbow Dash? Did you forget that you and Pinkie took care of that?

Forget by DallasBlack

*It's nose boop-o-clock mother buckers!!!!

Nose Boop by DallasBlack

*You can accept challenges all you want, it's accomplishing them that's the problem.

Challenge by DallasBlack

*Wise move Spike, wise move.

Wise by DallasBlack

*Well, technically she did teleport something.

Well by DallasBlack

*Clean up on isle 12!

Cleand Up by DallasBlack

*Good one Trixie!

Good One by DallasBlack

*Starlight needs a paper bag.

Paper Bag by DallasBlack

*Not the time Trixie, not the time.

Not The Time by DallasBlack

*Yeah, really Starlight. You did choose Trixie to be your friend, so technically it's your fault.

Really by DallasBlack

*Abandon ship (the ship between these two obviously :D)! She's about to blow!!!!!

Blow by DallasBlack

*Yeah, ok Starlight. Now you see it!

Yeah by DallasBlack

*Pretty self explanatory Spike.

Pretty by DallasBlack

*Get used to it if you're going to be friends with Trixie.

Trixie by DallasBlack

*Yeah, not one of her finer moments after her redemption.

Finer by DallasBlack

*Not helping Spike.

Not Helping by DallasBlack

*Yeah, keeping you anger bottled up inside has NEVER caused anyone trouble before.

Roll-Eyes Smiley 


*I know some in the fandom who'd like to see that. Not me because I find Trixie so amusing, but others can't stand her.

See That by DallasBlack

*Out of sight, out of mind. As in she's out of her mind if she doesn't think this could end badly.

Out Of Mind by DallasBlack

*Yes, some weird reason.

Wierd by DallasBlackRoll-Eyes Smiley


*I wouldn't count on that if I were you.

Count On That by DallasBlack

*More anger means another bottle. I think I figured out what entity possesses Ponyville now (actually I was thinking it with the first bottle, this just reinforces my belief).

More-Another by DallasBlack

*The reason why Trixie keeps making her angry is because she has no idea she's making her angry. That's why it's not good to keep your feelings bottled up because some people (ponies) may not realize they're being ass clowns unless you let them know they are.


*Yeah, she's driving you nuts and the color of your anger is red, like cinnamon!

Nuts by DallasBlack


*Such irony!

Irony by DallasBlack

*Pinkie will find any excuse to wear her cheerleader uniform.

Excuse by DallasBlack

*In a sane pony's world yes. But this is Rarity we're talking about.

Sane by DallasBlack

*Sure, you're not upset. That's why your mane looks like that.

Upset by DallasBlack

*Trixie is trying to be nice by sharing and you keep tossing them. Are you sure you're not upset?

Nice by DallasBlack

*Ok, somepony call animal control... or a bakery.

Animal Control by DallasBlack

*Yeah, she's a tad annoying, totally self absorbed, and oblivious to Starlight's anger, but she's so damn adorable skipping happily like that!

Adorable by DallasBlack

*That is a new word for me, but it's pretty damn funny!

Funny by DallasBlack



*Bulk Biceps standing there totally oblivious to what's about to happen. Actually, totally oblivious to pretty much everything.

Bulk by DallasBlack

*Now you've done it!

Now by DallasBlack

*Once again she's the Pait And Growerful Triskie!

Pait by DallasBlack

*Trixie, I think you may want to get away from there.

Get Away by DallasBlack

*Well, I doubt it's because they want to give you a party.

Party by DallasBlack

*You're going to have to ask your best friend.

Ask by DallasBlack

*Oh, a large Simon electronic game!

Simon by DallasBlack

*You already had the key Flutters... to my heart!

Key by DallasBlack



*They've taught you all that before, the whole retreat seems kind of pointless.

Taught by DallasBlack

*Of course, they couldn't got too long without a song.

*As always, the spotlight is on Twilight. Hey, that rhymed!

Song by DallasBlack

*Take them back they're infested with ponies.
Song2 by DallasBlack

*Fly by rainbow!
Song3 by DallasBlack

*That looks yummy!
Song4 by DallasBlack

*That is the most adorable bear hug!
Song5 by DallasBlack

*Spring, no clothes needed!
Song6 by DallasBlack

*Summer so sunglasses and a hat are in order.
Song7 by DallasBlack

*Fall is like Spring, except for Rarity who is rolling out the new fashions.
Song8 by DallasBlack

*Winter and everyony needs a scarf... Hey, where the hell is Flutter's! She'll catch cold!
Song9 by DallasBlack

*Back To Back
Song10 by DallasBlack

*That's the way, they became the pony bunch!"

Song11 by DallasBlack

*What a way to end that song.
Song12 by DallasBlack

*That was kind of pointless but at least short. Not a bad song and there was one part that was relevant. They don't have to tell each other how they're feeling because they know each other so well. Back to my point that Trixie and Starlight haven't been friends that long and Trixie already has a hard time empathizing with others. Starlight has to let her know when she's angry so in the future Trixie will recognize the signs and it will be easier for her to change her behavior in the future.


*The Trixie fruit looks like it's about ripe.

Fruit by DallasBlack

*What the hell, I thought it was over!

*Follow the rainbow brick road!
Over by DallasBlack

*Way to show up uninvited!
Over2 by DallasBlack

*Friendship shines like diamonds!
Over3 by DallasBlack

*Their friendship was written in the stars!
Over4 by DallasBlack

*The Royal Equestrian Navy needs a larger budget.
Over5 by DallasBlack

*See, if you didn't waste your damn time with a pointless song, then you would have beaten the record.

Record by DallasBlack

*See! Even minimum wage agrees with me!

See by DallasBlack

*What kind Rainbow Dash? Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios... you gotta be more specific.

Kind by DallasBlack

*Well there goes his profit margin!

Margin by DallasBlack

*Trixie, just like Rainbow Dash, you need to be more specific about what kind of nuts you want.

Just by DallasBlack


Ouch! by DallasBlack

*And the Truth, shall set you free!!!!

Truth by DallasBlack

*Now if you had expressed anger before, then it wouldn't have gotten this bad. You might burst a blood vessel now.

Blood by DallasBlack

*Yeah, you should've, but heck, we all make mistakes. Even the same ones more than once.

Should've by DallasBlack

*Yeah, that was your cart and you are nuts.

Cart by DallasBlack


*And magic makes it all complete! You have My Little Pony... sorry, got carried away.

Complete by DallasBlack

*TOTALLY oblivious.

Totally by DallasBlack

*Well, that happened.

That Happened by DallasBlack

*You know what Starlight, I'm getting a bit misty eyed myself. Partly because this is a nice moment but mostly because I am way overdue for sleep.

Misty by DallasBlack

*Awwwwww! How cute! And it's RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Cute by DallasBlack

*Seriously, that is sweet!

Seriously by DallasBlack

*Here we go again!

We Go Again by DallasBlack

*Well there's a cure for diarrhea!

Cure by DallasBlack

*Trixie and Starlight... In stereo!!!

In Stereo by DallasBlack

*Some would say never to sing them. Though not me because there are several songs throughout the show that I actually have downloaded (not the most recent one though, once was enough).

Never by DallasBlack

*Taking a page from AJ I see. "I didn't learn nothin'!"

Aj by DallasBlack

*And then they laugh...

Laugh by DallasBlack

Well that was a sweet episode also with plenty of laughs. I think the season is off to a pleasant start. Not the best premiere, but enjoyable nonetheless. A lot less cameos than the first episode, which is good. We need a break from that after so many were thrown into the first one. I did most of my analyzing in the review so I won't go any further here. Time for the bonus screenshots and the parting Shot:

Untitled0 by DallasBlack
"You think you're sooo special with your legions of fans! Well I've got mine they even number in the double digits!"

Untitled1 by DallasBlack
"Well since you put it that way..."

Untitled2 by DallasBlack
"That TMBLR picture of me and Starlight would never work. Bones don't bend like that!"

Untitled3 by DallasBlack
"That went right into my eye!"

Untitled4 by DallasBlack
"It's shipping time!!!"

Untitled5 by DallasBlack
"Those shipping jokes are getting old you know!"

Untitled6 by DallasBlack
"Don't do anything we wouldn't do!"

Untitled7 by DallasBlack
"Please don't think this was my idea. Please don't think this was my idea. Please..."

Untitled8 by DallasBlack
"If I can get rid of the evidence then they'll never suspect me. She IS my best friend after all."

Untitled9 by DallasBlack
"My my Starlight, you're looking mighty fine today!"

Untitled10 by DallasBlack
"Oh my that feels fantastic! Better than sex!!!! Um, I mean, or so I've been told."

Untitled11 by DallasBlack
Chugga chugga chugga choo choo!

Untitled12 by DallasBlack
"Get those cheerleader fantasies out of your head you sick, perverted coppers!"

Untitled13 by DallasBlack
See, she can't be a lesbian, she likes nuts too much! Sorry, sorry, that was bad! *slaps wrist*

Untitled14 by DallasBlack
After that last one I will remain silent here. :D

Untitled15 by DallasBlack
"As if you could ever be mad at me!"

Untitled16 by DallasBlack
And Trixie keeps rolling along.

Untitled17 by DallasBlack
"I didn't think my last show was THAT bad!"

Untitled18 by DallasBlack
"Whatever you do, don't mess up my mane!"

Untitled20 by DallasBlack
"The spin is rooming!"

Untitled21 by DallasBlack
"You know, I didn't hear you tell me you love me back."

Untitled22 by DallasBlack
"These aren't tears, Pinkie farted and it's pretty bad."

Untitled23 by DallasBlack
"Now that we've made up, let's go back to your room! Hint, hint!"

Now for the parting shot which is pretty much the same as the opening shot:

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

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SoC: Celectial Advice

Sun Apr 16, 2017, 1:45 PM

Well, it's a new season for My Little Pony which means another round of my Stream of Conscience episode reviews. For anyone reading this new to these, let me give an explanation. If you didn't already know, stream of conscience is the act of writing without any plans of what you are going to write, just let the words flow. How that relates to MLP is that I watch an episode without prior knowledge of the events they contain. I then make random observations (some serious analysis, most with tongue firmly planted in cheek) and pop culture references throughout said episode. From what I've learned, this season starts with two stand alone episodes instead of the usual two parter, so I will start with episode 1. From what I can tell in the youtube thumbnail, this will involve the new changelings (a decision that enthralled some and made others vomit-probably in colors that ended up being used for the new designs :D). Without further ado, here is Celestial Advice:


*We start with the new fandom favorite, the former communist dictator from the town of --------:

Starlight by DallasBlack

 *Oooh, a ceremony! I wonder what this could be about?

Cerimony by DallasBlack

 *Twilight, you little sneak!

Sneak by DallasBlack

*Medals of honor. This must be rewards for Thorax, Discord, Trixie and her redeeming the little bug ponies.


*I was kind of right, but Spike didn't seem very convincing with that explanation.

Convincing by DallasBlack

*So Twilight, does it measure up?

Measure by DallasBlack

*She's a pony Spike, she's wearing what the maker gave her.

Wearing by DallasBlack

*No Starlight, you're supposed to remain distracted.

Destracted by DallasBlack

*Fairly decent Rarity impression, great impression of Spike as a flamboyant hairdresser!

Impression by DallasBlack

*Spike, I think you're freaking her out. Reel it back a bit.

Freaking Out by DallasBlack

*Uh oh Spike, think fast!

Think Fast by DallasBlack

*Smooth Spike, smooth. This is more of a face scrunch so I can't count this as a nose boop.

Smooth by DallasBlack

*You are a bad liar Spike, a BAAAADDDD liar!

Bad Liar by DallasBlack

*Don't question it Starlight, it will much easier to keep your sanity if you just let it go.

Question It by DallasBlack

*Sparkle? That's mistress to you slave!

Sparkle by DallasBlack

*Mirror Mirror on her wall!

Mirror Mirror by DallasBlack


*That was confusing.

Confusing by DallasBlack

*The mirror COULD say it. You know, magic and all. Then again, who wants a mirror that can talk because it sees all!

Could Say It by DallasBlack

*First Pie of the season!

First Pie by DallasBlack

*Oh yes, that was soooo hard. Probably the longest second of her life.

So Hard by DallasBlack

*There goes the neigh-borhood! Relax it's a joke, nopony accuse me of racism here ;).

There Goes by DallasBlack

*Don't expect my queen to take that laying down BTW.

My Queen by DallasBlack

*Discord's his own biggest fan.

Fan by DallasBlack


*Starlight finds that funny, Trixie..... not so much.

Funny-Not by DallasBlack
Funny-Not2 by DallasBlack

*It's eye roll-o-clock mother buckers!!!!!! First of the season!

Eye Roll by DallasBlack

*Tartarus must have frozen over because Twilight and Trixie agree!

Agree by DallasBlack

*Man Twilight, that smile is more fake than the ones in Starlight's old town --------------. But as long as Celestia is happy, you have to show that you're happy too (even if you're not).

Fake by DallasBlack

*Pink Hearts, you hate purple princess?!

Hate Purple by DallasBlack

*Discord, you're getting a head of yourself!

A Head by DallasBlack

*What are you cheering for Pinkie, that Luna can't put the medal on the new changeling leader? That's cold.

Cheering by DallasBlack

*Careful you don't bite your tongue off my princess.

Bite by DallasBlack

*The suspense must be unbearable!

Unbearable by DallasBlack

*Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Halleeeluuuujahhhh!!!!!!

Hallelujah! by DallasBlack

*It's the first Vinyl of the season!

Vinyl by DallasBlack

*Oh Trixie, why you so adorable?!