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Michel Newcomb
United States
Born and raised in Texas since 1979. Cartoon enthusiast since childhood. Drawing fan since then too, though never learned any techniques, too interesting in drawing than learning how to. Wrestling fan since 1990. Heavy metal hard rock fan since 1991. Tried twice to learn guitar but gave up each time (I'm just too lazy and impatient to learn things like that -same problem I had with drawing). Bullied but survived middle school. Wrestled in High School. Signed up for the US Navy in senior year. Graduated in 1998. Went into the the Navy in 1999. Became a Christian while in the navy. Left navy in 2003. Went to community college in same year, graduated in 2005. Went to University Of North Texas, did one semester then dropped out. Best friend and brother by choice passed away in 2005. Became a fan of furry art in 2006, eventually being comfortable with the furry tag despite the negative stereotype from the yiff crowd. Went to automotive school in 2009. Failed in automotive career. Became a fan of MLP art in 2010 but refused to watch the show or accept the Brony tag. Went through various warehouse jobs until going into trucking school. Drove a truck for a while, but like the auto career, I screwed it up. Went into a depression and finally watched MLP. Fell in love with the show which helped me through those dark times. Now despite the negative stereotypes from the cloppers, I accept the Brony tag. Started my career at Amazon, hope things improve from there.

Used to have dreams of being a pro wrestler but genetics worked against me. Used to have dreams of singing in a metal band, but I barely have any social friends so have realized my dreams have to be set aside for reality. I still fantasize about how all those things could have happened, but not so much that I lose sight of reality. Once I can summon up the courage, I’ll start going to and singing at kareokee (sic) bars-don't like going to places like that by myself. Really don't know where I'm going and find it best to just concentrate on today. Praise God! Metal forever! Art forever!

I know my watchers are few in numbers, but what the hay: I was watching Family Appriciation Day and remembered how adorable Bunny Bloom was and I collected some screenshots so I could draw one of them. Which should I draw? BTW, I will not be drawing Tiara 

2 deviants said Bunny Bloom 3
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 1
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 2
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 4
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 5


I know my watchers are few in numbers, but what the hay: I was watching Family Appriciation Day and remembered how adorable Bunny Bloom was and I collected some screenshots so I could draw one of them. Which should I draw? BTW, I will not be drawing Tiara
2 deviants said Bunny Bloom 3
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 1
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 2
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 4
1 deviant said Bunny Bloom 5
'Hey, My Eye Is Up Here Pal!'
My quest to start drawing again using "how to draw books" doesn't seem to go anywhere. I think I left it too late to pick it up again. Maybe one day I'll do another copy but that is about as far as it will probably go. However, the itch to draw has been festering and I figured it would be best to go back to what I did when I was younger, my Zombie Eaters stuff. Weird, macabre, grotesque, yet simplistic drawings of alien creatures. I doubt anyone on DA will have any interest in this stuff but I need something to post besides pictures of MLP merchandise and copies of other people's work. In the past my Zombie Eaters drawings have been monochrome, yet with all my copies having color, this just seemed incomplete without it so from now on these will have it.

The bright spot on that picture came from the flash on my camera. I tried several ways to not have that but this was the best result with my camera I could do. My use of crayons to color it might have had something to do with it.
Having a bad back really sucks! Several weeks ago, I found I had thrown my back out (pulled a muscle). I couldn't figure out how it happened and best I could think was that I did it in my sleep. After a week it was much better but just a few minutes ago, I threw it out again. This time it was getting out of a recliner too fast. I had many years of no big problems with my bad back except some minor discomfort and now in just one month I've thrown it twice!
My Collection (Updated)
Here is my latest pony merchandise collection which includes new Guardians Of Harmony figures and some new Nightmare Night figures. The picture on the wall is one I purchased from the highly talented and criminally underrated pony artist . Here are close-ups:

Red Dot:
Red by DallasBlack

Green Dot:
 Untitled by DallasBlack

Orange Dot:
Orange by DallasBlack

Blue Dot:
Blue by DallasBlack 

SoC: ToWhereAndBack Pt. 2

Sun Oct 23, 2016, 12:16 AM

And now for the thrilling conclusion of To Where And Back Again:

*That’s an awfully long winded way of saying you meant to appear in the hive. BTW, I’m sure there is some kind of protection spell that prevented you from doing so.

Long Winded by DallasBlack

*Why must you be so practical? Just wing it and see what happens.

Practical by DallasBlack

*He’s the spirit of chaos, planning is to ordered.

Chaos by DallasBlack

*Yes she is.
She Is by DallasBlack

*I can see this is your first time dealing with Discord. Just let him try and fail before trying to explain anything.

First Time by DallasBlack

*Yes, here it is again, Eye Roll O’Clock!!!

Eye Roll by DallasBlack

*Same reason as you, comic relief and witty sarcasm.

As You by DallasBlack

*He’s gotten a head of you.

A Head by DallasBlack

*That was low blow Discord.

Low Blow by DallasBlack

*Give it up Thorax, it ain’t happening.

Give It Up by DallasBlack

*Ok, that needs to be in the Guardians Of Harmony toy line!

Guardians by DallasBlack
Guardians2 by DallasBlack

*Ok Thorax, I think he may be ready to listen to you now.

Listen by DallasBlack

*At least he’s not riding it this time; that would be insane (doing the same thing expecting different results).

Insane by DallasBlack

*You couldn’t just take his word for it could you?

Word by DallasBlack

*Please, only one suggestion at a time.

At A Time by DallasBlack

*Those blank expressions are hilarious!

Blank by DallasBlackBlank2 by DallasBlack
Blank3 by DallasBlack


*But… that takes actual effort!

Effort by DallasBlack

*He’s Eye Rate about it!

Eye Rate by DallasBlack

*Once more it’s Eye Roll O’Clock! Triskie is a natural.

Once More by DallasBlack

*Shut up, nopony wants to hear it.

Shut Up by DallasBlack

*Why would you say oomph to a rescue?

Ooomph by DallasBlack

*Like the Queen of England, Discord is not amused.

Amused by DallasBlack

*I love how their armor resembles mandibles!

Mandibles by DallasBlack

*Yeah, stand and stare, a wonderful idea.

Stand And Stare by DallasBlack

*Discord is best bridge!

Bridge by DallasBlack

*What Starlight, you don’t like those wonderful opening and closing passages?

Don't Like by DallasBlack

*The way is shut.

Shut by DallasBlack

*Total chaos? That’s right up your alley Discord!

Total by DallasBlack

*Close call Discord. Without your magic, your tail can not grow back.

Close Call by DallasBlack

*You just can’t properly compliment chaos not caused by you can you?

Compliment by DallasBlack

*Worried Triskie is cute Triskie.

Woried by DallasBlack

*Well that seems like a fine plan!

Plan by DallasBlack

*For us humans, you never go through a woman’s purse. I’m pretty sure in Equestria, you don’t go through a mare’s satchel.

Satchel by DallasBlackSatchel2 by DallasBlack
Satchel3 by DallasBlack

*Ok, break it up you two!

Break It Up by DallasBlack

*Way to go Starlight, you don’t want anypony to hear you guys.

Hear by DallasBlack

*Yeah, but where is Thorax?

Where by DallasBlack

*Ok,he’s still there.

*Well the answer to that is simple, you get all the love you need from friendship. If I remember correctly, that was theme in the Fluffle Puff comics.

Friendship by DallasBlack

*Nice going Discord, you’ve awoken the whole hive.

Discord by DallasBlack

*I think it’s a little too late for that.

Too Late by DallasBlack

*Dun dun dunnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dun by DallasBlack

*Well now you’re in for it!

In For It by DallasBlack

*First Triskie and now him!

Now Him by DallasBlack

*Eureka! Take a bath.

Eureka! by DallasBlack

*Yeah, you silly!

You by DallasBlack

*Sorry, too slow.

Too Slow by DallasBlack

*The Smug And Clever Trixie!

Smug by DallasBlack

*Good, because that’s the closest you’re going to get to a compliment from him.

Closest by DallasBlack

*I was wondering how she was able to get from one place to another so quickly.

Wondering by DallasBlack

*No, because then they couldn’t annoy you.

No by DallasBlack

*Not a very assuring reaction.

Reaction by DallasBlack

*Something tells me that it’s not a pretty sight.

Tells Me by DallasBlack

*Look who’s talking. You’re underestimating yourself left and right these two episodes.

Talking by DallasBlack

*I think I know what Discord’s thinking. What is going on in your head Starlight?

Thinking by DallasBlack

*Alright, if magic doesn’t work there, how is that thing operating? There is no electrical technology in the hive that I can see.

How by DallasBlack

*Wow, tough crowd!

Tough Crowd by DallasBlack

*Because you act like bugs you see. I guess if it has to be explained, it’s not a good joke.

Because by DallasBlack

*Are you new to the show? Because that’s pretty much the norm.

Show by DallasBlack

*Careful Discord, that could easily be a trap.

Trap by DallasBlack

*Good catch Discord.

Catch by DallasBlack

*Good job, manipulate his feelings. Hell, I’d be tempted to fall for it. You just can’t resist comforting a crying Flutters.

Feelings by DallasBlack

*It went from sad to creepy.

Creepy by DallasBlack

*You’re Giving Yourself Away.

You're Giving Yourself Away by DallasBlack

*All those crying Flutters are more funny than sad really.

Funny by DallasBlack
Funny2 by DallasBlack

*Poor Discord, he doesn’t know what to make of all this.

This by DallasBlack

*I’m really liking the worried looks Triskie has been showing..

Look by DallasBlackLook2 by DallasBlack
Look3 by DallasBlackLook4 by DallasBlack

*And I thought I had bad allergies!

Allergies by DallasBlack

*Uh uh uh! You forgot to get the password from him.

Password by DallasBlack

*That is not Discord. All those crying Flutters were too much for him.

Not by DallasBlack

*Ok, so it has dawned on them.

Dawned by DallasBlack

*That changeling is a failure!

Failure by DallasBlack

*Then why are you following him?

Following by DallasBlack

*Unless that’s what he wants you to think.

Wants by DallasBlack

*How noble of her, making herself a Sacrifice.

Sacrafice by DallasBlack

*That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said Triskie.

Sweetest by DallasBlack


Awwwww!!!!! by DallasBlack

*One of her best tricks yet!

Best by DallasBlack

*Ok, maybe a magic hanky wasn’t the best handcuff (or hoofcuff as the case may be).

Handcuff by DallasBlack

*Oh shinola!

Shinola by DallasBlack

*I give that room a glowing review!

Glowing by DallasBlack

*Ewwww, gross!!!!

Gross! by DallasBlack

*Oh, a jellied Discord!

Jellied Discord by DallasBlack

*Poor things, they aren’t completely unconscious in that crap.

Poor Things by DallasBlack

*Methinks you have found the throne.

Throne by DallasBlack

*”Wait a minute, I know that laugh.”-Han Solo (Return Of The Jedi)

That Laugh by DallasBlack

*That… was… f*cking… AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Sorry I actually used the word, but buck or even freaking/fricking was not strong enough to convey how awesome! that was.

Awesome! by DallasBlack

*Well then. That’s not good.

Well Then by DallasBlack

*Well now your stuck!

Stuck by DallasBlack

*Well, so far… she has.

She Has by DallasBlack


See by DallasBlack

*Jaw dropping I know.

*If she didn’t know about him then you just screwed that up.

Screwed by DallasBlack

*I do believe you struck a nerve there.

*They get a slap on the wrist and are sent to bed without dinner?

They Get by DallasBlack

*Well so much for him not getting caught.

Caught by DallasBlack

*Well something sure got her attention. She probably realizes that he’s there.

Something by DallasBlack

*Yup, and she’s smiling with glee about it.

Glee by DallasBlack

*Well not good for him, but at least that means Starlight is still out there.

For Him by DallasBlack

*Look at that ovation they’re giving him!

Ovation by DallasBlack

*I’m pretty sure it’s going to take more than that. An A for effort though.

More by DallasBlack

*You actually surprised they didn’t hear that? You didn’t really try to mask the sound.

Hear That by DallasBlack

*Don’t draw blood with that lip bite now.

Blood by DallasBlack

*She is so scary… and that’s why we love her!

Scary by DallasBlack
Scary2 by DallasBlack

*Is it just me or does she look like Gollum in this shot?

Gollum by DallasBlack

*All You Need Is Love!

All You Need by DallasBlack

*I’m guessing the answer lies in his wings.

Wings by DallasBlack

*And you’ve struck another nerve.

Another Nerve by DallasBlack

*As ridiculous as that expression

Ridiculous by DallasBlack

*Never Satisfied.

Never Satisfied by DallasBlack

*Something tells me she does.

She Does by DallasBlack

*I think you may be losing their trust the more you speak.

Trust by DallasBlack

*Just a side note, I’m not liking where this is going. I have a bad feeling they’re going to turn my Queen good. Outside of Fluffle Puff, I don’t want her to.

*I believe she may be getting through to her.

Through by DallasBlack

*This may not help your case.

Case by DallasBlack

*He’s going to have a bad headache. Inconvenient and painful, but hardly a most severe punishment.

Headache by DallasBlack

*Well at least the guards aren’t falling for it.

Guards by DallasBlack

*A scary dictator?

Scary Dictator by DallasBlack

*She’s going to swallow his soul! Swallow his soul! BTW, that reference was used in one of the IDW comics involving the Queen.

Swallow by DallasBlack

*Because sharing is caring!

Sharing by DallasBlack

tumblr n4kf7vdGIq1rsyqf9o1 500 by DallasBlack

*Give it to her good Thorax! Not like that you perverts!

Give It by DallasBlack

*Sonic… boom!

Sonic Boom! by DallasBlack

*Well that’s one way to break the throne. Another one is having explosive diar… I think I’ll leave it at that.

Break by DallasBlack
Break2 by DallasBlack

*He is the chosen one!

Chosen One by DallasBlack

*Now he is in a cocoon, I wonder what kind of butterfly he will be?

Cacoon by DallasBlack

*What fresh hell is this? I guess it looks pretty neat, but I’m not sure I like the implications.

Is This by DallasBlack

*Let Your Love Flow! The video I used for this song is from a famous furry artist and one of my favorite things. Also, I love the song!

Love Flow by DallasBlack

*Now while I don’t like the implications, but that is actually pretty cool.

Cool by DallasBlack

*Ok, that’s actually pretty neat. They all have a unique color scheme.

Pretty Neat by DallasBlack

*Such a sweet friendship!

Sweet Friendship by DallasBlack

*And another tender moment.

Tender Moment by DallasBlack

*That has got to be the sweetest of them all!

Them All by DallasBlack
Them All2 by DallasBlack

*And I must say I’m none too happy with that. Maybe my queen will stay evil and create another hive that will be at war with this one.

Happy by DallasBlack

*Those expressions say it all.

Those Expressions by DallasBlack

*Ok, there’s still hope!

Hope by DallasBlack

*Don’t listen to her!!! Remain Lady Evil!

Lady Evil by DallasBlack

*Come on Chryssi, fight it!

Come On by DallasBlack

*Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes! by DallasBlack

*For The Sake Of Revenge!

Revenge by DallasBlack

*Time for a dramatic escape!

Escape by DallasBlack

*If only you had a fluffy pink pony, I'm sure you could have won her over. Oh well, can’t save them all. THANK YOU SHOW WRITERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save by DallasBlack

*”You have done well faithful student”, is what I get from that.

Done Well by DallasBlack

*A novel idea, no wonder you are the ruler.

Novel by DallasBlack

*Interrupting Discord!

Interrupting by DallasBlack

*Of course, the Village of __________ … We still don’t know the name.

Name by DallasBlack

*A hole in one! I was right!

Hole by DallasBlack

*Not just any few, but the most important figures in Equestria!

Few by DallasBlack

*I like that group shot! Can’t wait until this goes to Netflix so I can get a better quality screenshot.

Group Shot by DallasBlack

*Maybe Pinkie can make you a cupcake. ***Sinister smile upon my face***

Cupcake by DallasBlack


*The final Eye Roll O’Clock of the season!

Final by DallasBlack

*And that’s why we love you!

Love You by DallasBlack

*Discord is being very nice there!

Nice by DallasBlack

*I like the sound of that team!

Team by DallasBlack


Actually... by DallasBlack

*You forgot who you were talking to.

Talking To by DallasBlack

*Yes, you saw that. The Pait And Growerful Triskie and her flying pig!

Saw That by DallasBlack

*It’s a long story Rainbow. ***normally I'd save the parting shot for the bonus, but I'll put it here***

Parting Shot by DallasBlack

You know what? That was a great way to end the season and I rank both parts as a whole a 10. First part was a solid 10 while second was a solid 9. Not because the changelings became good, though I was at first put off by that. But because the funniest moments came from the first part. My queen remains evil and so I’m OK with the end result. It wasn’t the best finale (that still belongs to season 4), but it was almost on par with the last one. As a whole the season was full of ups and downs, though more up than down. Some mediocre episodes, some good ones, and some fantastic ones. A lot of new and loveable characters and the return of some favorites. I rank the whole season an 8, but mainly because the last ones were almost flawless. This was my first whole season of these reviews and I think for the most part I am quite satisfied with them and it appears that I will have a whole other one for me to review. Though it is a long and arduous project with little reward (I wish I had a better way to promote these than riding on the backs of other artists). For instance, the preparation process for these final episodes was 10 hours but I will only get a few hundred views tops. However, I actually have fun in doing them and what support I do get is highly appreciated. I want to thank these artists for not getting upset and in many cases even allowing me to link to these in comments of their polls, journals, or episode art (some multiple times, others on rare occasions):


There were probably a few others and I thank them too.

If any of you ever wish me to stop, I will without question. I mean no disrespect when I do it. I actually hope you guys get some kind of enjoyment from these reviews. For all those who support me with favorites or comments, I greatly appreciate it and even if you guys are the only ones to do so, then it’s all worth it. Now enough of this sappiness, we got enough from the finale. Here are the second set of bonus screenshots along with the final parting shot of season 6:

SoC: Tow Where... Bonus Pt.2


  • Listening to: Shitsu load of music
  • Reading: MLP Comics
  • Watching: The Flash
  • Playing: power
  • Eating: Baby Ruth
  • Drinking: Sugar Free Sweet Tea

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